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What we do is follow various designers and developers and several different websites in order to help you get the latest resources to help you out with the course of your work. We gather the best ones we find and mold them into an article for easy understanding and organization so you don’t have to do the research and waste your time. We understand that you have a lot of better things to do. You are developers and designers after all, if you waste your time looking for this stuff, who is going to the actual job you are supposed to do.

So this time around we have a dose of exciting resources for developers and designers for you. What is interesting is that most of these plugins, tools, etc. are absolutely free and all you need to do is open the relevant link and start using them to your convenience. Some might be premium of course we understand that that might now be an issue. Be sure to let us know which ones you liked, and what sort of content would you like to see more of on this website. We are here to help and welcome your opinions.

10. IM Free

IM Free


IM Free was built in order to provide a solution that will replace the boring, over used, and just too-fake stockphoto images that you all know. IM Free is basically a collection of free to use (with credit), creative commons, photos taken by some of the most high quality photographers in Flickr. These are categorized and tagged the same way as in regular stockphotos and there’s a search box that makes it easy to locate the right image. This stock was initially gathered by the IM Creator folks, but now it’s been updated by its users. In order to add HQ images of your own just send an email to free(at)imcreator.com.


9. IconLite


This particular application is absolutely free and is designed for Mac (unfortunate for Windows users, but there are alternatives available for you to use). What this does is help you quickly replace different icons and not only does it work for any and all application icons, this also works to replace OSX system folder icons which includes that Finder, trash and Disk Icons for example. Al you need to do is launch the app, drag and drop new icons to your will and there you have it. It is done.

8. SocialKit


You know all those social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. well, they ask of you to upload a profile picture and cover photos and while most of you do it fondly, some of you really don’t. This particular application is for the ones who fall under the former category. This is a simple Photoshop plugin that can help you create all your profile pictures and covers in the exact size you need them. Once you install it, it automatically adds an extension panel and you select the social media site you want the picture for and start being creative.

7. ToyChestTheme


This is an interesting little application which makes your coding slightly less boring. See what it does is adds colors so everything seems a bit more exciting and not dull. ToyChest is ac color scheme package for code syntax that uses color schemes from FlatUIColors and it is available for many popular coding editing software including TextMate, Coda, SublimeText and it goes as far as bringing colors to Terminal. So enjoy colorful editing with this pretty little application.

6. Magnific Popup

Magnific Popup

Magnific Popup, gives away its functionality from its name. This is a jQuery plugin which creates responsive lightbox and popup dialogs. You can simply apply the lightbox effect for single images or an entire gallery, totally up to you. But that’s not all, you can apply similar effects to a video from Youtube or Vimeo and even a map from Google Maps. The best part is that it works for both mobile and desktop platforms for your convenience.

5. Story Engine

Story Engine

If you are looking to create interactive story-telling in WordPress, this is a plugin that lets you do just that. The application brings in several storytelling components that you can insert into your post or story if you may and that includes Audio, Video, Parallax, Timeline, Chapter Headings, Documents Viewer or a Map. If you have that creative story teller in you, start making use of this application. You will not be sorry.

4. Blueimp Gallery

Blueimp Gallery

Again the purpose of the application is given away by the name. This is a jQuery plugin for building image and video galleries. You can even build carousel, and lightbox effect. This particular plugin is built upon Swipe.js which is a touch based jQuery slider so you know what that means right? You can very easily, accurately and comfortably navigate through the gallery with a simple swipe of your fingers. Enjoy playing.

3. Myth.io


Have you ever heard of CSS pre-processors? Well, Myth is the new CSS pre-processor that you should definitely try. Unlike other pre-processors, which create their own conventions, Myth will automatically adopt CSS specifications (of the future). As a very simple example, Muth uses var() function to declare a variable and a calc() function to perform mathematical operations. I am sure you understand what that means. You should definitely give it a go and let us know what you think.

2. SpinKit


This particular tool that we have included in this list is a fine collection of modern spinners or otherwise known as loading indicators. It is built completely and purely with CSS and CSS animations to animate the spinners. What this means is that this will only work with browsers that support CSS. That should not be a problem because all modern browsers support CSS. More specifically though, browsers that support CSS Animation @keyframe. If that is an issue, you can always do workarounds with JavaScript to provide a fallback in case it doesn’t work but it is worth it to play around with it. You can visit this site for more detailed instructions.

1. Flatastic



By the name I am sure you can judge that whatever it may be, it has to do with minimalistic design. Well this particular application is a large collection of popular UI elements included in mobile applications. That would include your calendar widget, offcanvas navigation, toggle buttons, nice little icons, media player, and weather forecast widget. If you are working on some sort of project, this handy little application can give you a lot of UI ideas and even help you along the way saving a lot of time. It could also cause inspiration.

That will be all folks, do let us know what you think.

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