15 Free Plagiarism Detection Tools

Plagiarism destroys one’s life because it is a form of cheating and by a definition of plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and put them off as one’s own. It includes anything from idea, writing, song, webpages, books, articles or television shows.  Plagiarism has been one of the biggest issues either in academics or industries for decades, but in this age of the digital era, we should have to integrate some hassle-free tools to detect our students’ or employees’ works quite accurately.

There are many Free Plagiarism Detection Tools, but below in the complied list are the most appropriate and well advised detection tools which save you plenty of valuable time.

Plagiarism Detector


With Plagiarism Detector, you simply have to copy/paste your content in its window and press the specified search button. It scans the content nearly all over the internet. It is useful for teachers and students to check plagiarism in the document and gives you a quick report.



The viper is a program which is able to scan plagiarism on text against 10 billion resources available in its database. It has a quite easy to use interface and just required 3.5 MB to download it.

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker

A SaaS-based application makes detecting plagiarism easy and simple for educators to check whether a student has copied material over the internet or not. It’s also advantageous for website owners and anyone else who wants to protect their writing.



iThenticate is widely used by publishers, editors, researchers and authors to detect plagiarism. It is more focused on the published works of others.



Whether you have a thesis, website content or articles, just copy and paste the stuff and tap on the search. In a result within seconds, you will get your entire plagiarized report. DupliChecker is a free tool.



It is also a cloud-based application to examine plagiarism and grammar also. The operator is a free online proofreading required no downloads.

Small SEO Tool-Plagiarism Checker

It is a quite small tool to detect plagiarism with copy/pasting your content in the given box.


ITS is based on the very interface of website which contains a large enough box to put your writing stuff there. You just have to put Quotation Marks (“) at the start and end of your text to verify its plagiarism and then press the search button.



If you want yourself to be a stand-out writer like others, you have to check Grammarly. It helps you to write mistake and plagiarized free stuff anywhere on the web like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter or else. It scans your text under 250 grammar rules with a contextual spell checker.

Plag Tracker


Plag Tracker is known as the most accurate plagiarism verification of documents in effortless interface. It highlights the copied or plagiarized material on a document and gives you a source of the original publisher of that particular material. It also detects grammatical mistakes of that text.

Plag Scan


Automate your plagiarism checking with Plag Scan which analyze text so efficiently. Whether you are a school teacher, college teacher or a university lecturer, you want to check assignments and papers for plagiarized from the web. It supports. Doc, .Docs, .htm, .Text via upload option and textbox to copy/paste material.


An application software designed to accurately detect and prevent plagiarism for authors, students or teachers. It is also a tool which deals with copy/paste features as other plagiarism tools.



Plagiarisma.net is a unique in its way from others by giving you an ability to check the plagiarized content on your mobile – Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry as well as on Windows Desktop. It only takes few minutes to identify your document.



Plagium is most simple yet effective, helps in plagiarism on the web, news and social networks with some advanced options too.



SeeSources is an automatic and free plagiarism checking tool with vast range of file supports to upload. But it only allows you to upload maximum 1000 words and not more than 300 KB of total size of the document.

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