Top Ten Blog Editors Tools for Better Writing

Blogging requires a lot of research on facts and figures depending on your topic of choice. Once you are done with your research, you need to organize it in a presentable manner and then you get to those long hours of typing depending on how long your blog post is to be.

If you are capable of doing that on a daily basis, that is a job well done, but the fact is that not all ideas transform into actual, published blog posts. Most of them just stay working drafts. When you are done writing the most important aspect of blogging beings and that is editing.

Editing requires a lot of work and thought. If you are a blogger just because a hobby for you, then you do not really have to pay a lot of attentions to it, Simplify: if you are livelihood depends on blogging, editing is really important. It can take your posts to the next level and of course the opposite is also true. Depending on the length of your article, you don’t always have time so what you need is an editing tool and a powerful fun. That is the purpose of this post. Follow the Top Ten Blog Editing Tools for Better Writing after the jump and let us know what you think.

10. Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer

This is perhaps the best editor for Windows. It is a free application and can literally give your writing a experience a fresh outlook. There are various features you can put to good use. Moreover, there are plugins that you can install in order to enhance the productivity even further. Many blogging platforms are supported by this little devil including WordPress, Blogger, and LiveJournal, TypePad etc. The only drawback is that this application is not available on a Mac so you will have to do with the Windows make of this app.

9. Creative Writer

This particular application runs full screen which means you are not distracted by a lot of stuff that is going on in your regular background and that can also lead to increased creativity in the writing process. Windows Live Writer is not supported by this app along with several other plugins but the full screen helps with the juices flowing in your brain. You can even use this with the latest version of WordPress which should allow you to work in full screen right from the dashboard.

8. Blogdesk


This is a very simple application with an interface even a beginner can handle and understand. The primary purpose of this application is to speed up your work. The application has a WYSIWYG editor, spell checker and even tags generator and the main quality is that it has an inbuilt Imagewizard which will allow you to crop, rotate and edit the images you upload.

7. Wbloggar


if you are looking to post and edit your templates, this is your application. You can work with multiple blogs at the same time and has several features that the browser-based editors do not offer. The support for this application is amazing and includes Blogger, WordPress, MSN Space, TypePad, BigBlogTool, Blogalia, Blog-City, TheBlog, Upsaid, SquareSpace and BlogWare etc. Moreover, the application is quite portable too.

6. After the Deadline

After the Deadline

This is not your average editor which will flag and suggest for your spelling, grammar and writing style mistakes. It will also explain to you exactly what is wrong with the mistakes it flags. That means, that the more you use this application, the more you learn and the better writer you become. The application can recommend the right word to you 90% of the time, it can detect approximately 1,500 misused words, helps you write concisely and clearly and it will use statistics to find exceptions to grammar rules.

5. ProWritingAid


This is pretty much like the application mentioned above. It will tell you what you have to improve and how you have to improve it. While that is the basic functionality, it will also generate a detailed analysis on words that you overuse, sentence length, plagiarism, clichés, writing style, sticky sentences, consistency and redundancies etc. If you are looking to enjoy all these features, you may want to download the premium version because the free one will not offer all of it.

4. EditMinion


While you may not be impressed by the website, the application is another story. This powerful application will take seconds in order to check your work for signs of like adverbs, overuse of words, weak writing, passive voice, ending with prepositions etc. These were all signs of weak writing. It will also generate a report card for you so you can refer to it in the future and will also allow you to generate hashtags for easier editing.

3. HimingwayApp

If you ever read any novel by Hemmingway, you would understand exactly how brilliant a writer he was. You then must have, at some point, wished to have the ability to write like him or at least something similar. Well, it is now possible. This particular application will assess your writing work on the basis of number of adverbs, number of complex words, number of times passive voice is used and readability. As a plus, it will also check for spelling errors. It is available for $5.

2. WordCounter


This particular application is very useful if you are checking for keyword frequency or you have that habit of using the same word over and over again. It will help you identify all of that and point it out to you. It also ranks the words based on your usage of them. If you are looking to reduce redundancy and repetitive writing, you may want to give this particular application a try.

1. ClicheFinder


Clichés usually drive a person crazy. If you are one of those people, this application is heaven. All you need to do is paste your work in the space provided and click ‘find clichés’. Every phrase with a cliché will be highlighted in red and you will be able to get rid of it. Of course you can rephrase the sentence as well, but that totally depends on you. Sometimes however the message ‘Unhandled Exception’ comes up. That means that you text does not contain any clichés at all. That is a good news, so do not worry about it.

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