Ten Places to Sell Your Digital Products Online

Anyone can be a creator if one wishes to be these days. Technology has spread so far and creative process has become so easy that is not a big deal anymore. You can sell videos, eBooks, artwork, music and photography and on within a few licks. While online markets will guarantee you a lot of visibility there is a certain lot you have to give up for that to happen. As an example, a particular online market where you place your goods and sell them, the people behind the market will take a large cut or commission if you may rendering you out of control for your hard work. It goes as far as you not even being able to price your items.

This particular instance is where digital sales services come in very handy. They can connect you and your customers directly and will offer to handle the sales and digital distribution at the same time. This will let you focus on your products completely. You are completely in control of your products and pricing of your products. More than that, the best part is that these services don’t even take a huge cut off of your sales. This particular post is about 10 online services to sell your digital products without any effort. Let us know if you like them and as always, your opinions are appreciated.

1. Gumroad


A newest service called Gumroad which is specifically designed to help you sell digital downloads of your eBooks, videos, software and photograph. The feature includes that by passing PayPal’s surcharge 2.9% ,  frankly it deal with the credit card companies and Gumroad is only working in the countries that are not supported by PayPal’s. Gumroad is also allowing you to sell tangible products.

Fees: 5% + $0.25 commission per sale. No monthly fee.

2. FetchApp


FtechApp came on track as shopify app, so it allows you simple addition with shoify which includes the feature of connecting the two with a shippify account , An additional feature of API can combine shopify with your accessible website. This application has maximum capacity of Ebooks,music files, videos or digital artworks you can upload. Bandwidth is also limitless.

Fees: Free – $500/month. No commission.

3. Intubus


A great crowd centric solution called intubus to sell digital products .i.e.  eBooks, movies, music, photography and artwork allows you to generate shopping widgets to fix  your products on the website you choose for selling purpose, the Interesting thing about this that it allows an additional feature which makes your products appearing on all across the internet  from other intubus users.

Fees: 5% commission per sale. No monthly fee.

4. Sellfy


Sellfy titles to offer  the easiest way to trade your eBooks, photographs, music, themes and other digital downloads. The main best thing of sellfy is that it allows discounts to those customers who advertise their products through facebook and twitter. Through this effeicency you can check the increase in sales, sellfy allows the maximum storage and bandwidth  for your products .i.e. digital art, eBooks, programs and digital content.

Fees: 5% commission per sale. No monthly fee.

5. Pulley


Pulley is a sequal from Big cartel, providing a easy shopping cart system to sell your products .i.e. , videos, eBooks, fonts and other digital downloads. An additional feature of this is that you can insert buttons  like Buy Now on any website and even follow your sales through pulley statistic view. Pulley works on monthly payment form, and provides a free 14 days trial, so you can check weather pulley is according to your demand.

Fees: $6/month – $49/month. No commission

6. Simple Goods


A service for selling digital contents like eBooks, music and low cost design work to accept dredit card payments straightly. Away from low fee, it adds the feature of mailchimp combination, mobile readiness and in depth analysis and provides you the option of inserting a checkout button straightly to your site, it also allows maximum storage capacity and bandwidth.

Fees: 2.9% + $0.45 commission per sale. No monthly fee.

7. SendOwl


SendOwl a service which demands people to sell their digital contents, it has many features that predominantly demand to those who want to sell their softwares i.e. , eBooks and PDF files. An additional feature includes protection of PDF that will trample each PDF download with their customer’s name and Email. In the mean time you can have the access to inform the customers of products and you can allow them to update their softwares for free.

Fees: $9/month – $39/month. No commission

8. Selz


Selz a feature of rich service for those who are looking to sell art work and other digtal contents like eBooks, music, software. The benefit of selz is that it supports the files up to 4GB so it can interest Movie makers as well,  The Features include wordpress plug and a free facebook store with each account,  Every store has a  feature of straight messeging, Selz Allows audio, video previews, PDF trampling and the access to set Pay what you want pricing, Selz is limitless for storage and Bandwidth.

Fees: 5% + $0.25 commission per sale. No monthly fee.

9. Digital Goods Store


Digital Goods Store a pretty inclusive solution if someone is looking to sell his digital content like movies, music, eBooks and themes.Digital Good store provides both PDF trampling and Downlaoding security to save you from Piracy, the additional feature includes  the upport of landing pages and combines with email marketing services, Mailchimp and get response.

Fees: 5% commission per sale for free account. $39.99/month for pro account.

10. DPD


DPD provides a custom make service to sell your digital content like eBooks, movies, music and so on. It allows you to design your cart, check out, delivery pages and emails using an easy WYSIWYG editor, it also wires selling keycodes, monthly payments and even tangible products. It allows the maximum capacity of bandwidth and sales for all subscription plans.

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