Showcase of Flat Web Designs

Flat Web Design is still key and huge impact on industry. Might be you are not familiar with the terms of Flat Web Design, Basically, it is being designed without the gradients, drop shadows, and textures which have been quite common in web design for recent time.

Flat Design uses solid colors and regularly typography figures prominently into the design.

In this collection we’ll showcase 27 creative flat web design examples for your inspiration. We are hoping that it can be useful for your upcoming design and you can easily drag the ideas for your Flat Web Designs projects.

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Flat Web Designs1

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Agency Survival Kit

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World Cup 2014 Fixtures

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Flat Web Designs11

Who is This f***ing Bear?

Flat Web Designs12

Stash Icons

Flat Web Designs13


Flat Web Designs14

Web Canvas Design

Flat Web Designs15


Flat Web Designs16

HughesLeahyKarlovic Agency

Flat Web Designs17

Les Francofolies de La Rochelle

Flat Web Designs18

Tectonica Studios

Flat Web Designs19


Flat Web Designs20

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