Creative Infinite Scroll Websites

The thing with websites with infinite scrolling is that it allows you relief from a lot of annoying navigation. In that, it promises a better user experience whether you are viewing it from your laptop or portable handheld devices.

The problem however is the fact that when there is good, there is also bad. So we are in no way implying that infinite scrolls are what you should go for. There is good and bad aspects to infinite scrolling just as there are strength and weaknesses. Once you understand those, you must establish which would suit your type of website the best. Then you make a decision.

If you are making a quick decision, well, then consider this. It’s in human nature to demand structure. We are often slaves to hierarchy and so in the absence of these two elements, humans often feel disoriented and lost. That is what websites with infinite scrolling has to offer. It may leave users somewhat lost the more they travel down the page. But even still, there are specific niches and layout designs where infinite scrolling is definitely the way to go. In order to understand what we are talking about, check out this list of Creative Infinite Scroll Websites. As always, your comments are welcome.

You May Find it Interesting

Endlessly Elated

Infinite Scroll Websites-15


Infinite Scroll Websites-16


Infinite Scroll Websites-17

TheBrave Advertising Agency

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Rexona Lotus Formula 1

Infinite Scroll Websites-19

Lexus: Amazing In Motion

Infinite Scroll Websites-20


Infinite Scroll Websites-21 

Infinite Scroll Websites-22


Infinite Scroll Websites-1

World of Swiss

Infinite Scroll Websites-2

Food Is For Eating

Infinite Scroll Websites-3

Sortie en mer (a trip out to sea) 

Infinite Scroll Websites-4

Slipstream Sculpture

Infinite Scroll Websites-5


Infinite Scroll Websites-6

The Offshore Partners

Infinite Scroll Websites-6

WebDesign Bookmark S5-Style 

Infinite Scroll Websites-7

Sagres Beer Factory

Infinite Scroll Websites-8

Fluger Design 

Infinite Scroll Websites-9

Département Créatif

Infinite Scroll Websites-10

ehdi Benyounes, CEO Rscollab 

Infinite Scroll Websites-12


Infinite Scroll Websites-13

Megan Man

Infinite Scroll Websites-14

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