The Importance of Creative Brief in Designing an Effective Website

If you see a successful website, well, there is a lot of hard work behind its success. There is a lot more to a website than just creative effort. Anyone who is looking to build a website should know that it will need a lot of planning and perfect conceptualization that will surely meet the requirements listed by a client.

Designing an Effective Website

Whenever you come across a website that is beautiful looking, you are bound to appreciate the attractive visual however, you might not think about the efforts that went into making this website a success. Your website is bound to be successful if, as a designer, you can bring the design goals and the client’s requirements on the very same page. A good looking website has a hard working team that knew the importance of creative brief in designing an effective website.

Creative Brief – An essential part of effective web design strategy


Before we get into any sort of details, let’s us inform you as to what web design strategy is. The basic purpose of web design strategy is to articulate your plan of action. A web design strategy will basically be your approach to design your website and how will you execute your ideas. The important elements of a web design strategy are listed below:

Forming Project Goals


For a successful web design strategy, you need to begin with forming your project goals. You must know what you want to achieve through your website. Obviously, you will have to discuss this with your clients as goals are something that should be according to clients. Once you establish your goals, you would know the purpose of your website, which will help you in going forward.

Target Audience

Once you have your goals, you must identify your target audience. Make a list of questions that are important for instance, audiences demographic, age group of people likely to access website and what would be their interests. There can be a lot more questions that you need to get answers to in order to decide your target audience.

Depiction of Brand Image

A website is a perfect way to portray your brand’s image. So, before you get started with your website, you need to get in touch with client and ask him how he wants his brand to be represented through the website. Once you get the details from the client, you will have a clearer picture of how you should be designing the website so that the brand’s representation is perfect and as per client’s requirements.



As the heading suggest, conceptualization is very important for any webs design process. This is again a very important part of a web design’s strategy. Once you are done with conceptualizing the website, only then you can take things forward.

Now that you are aware of the important elements of web design strategy, you will find it easy to elucidate them when it comes to creative brief.

Important elements of a creative brief

To begin with, your creative brief should have your client’s name and his contact information. Apart from this, you must list down the name of your team members who will be working on the project. Also, be sure to enlist different stages of designing a website.

Majorly, your creative brief will contain all the needs and requirements of a website. As mentioned above, do list down the goals and requirements of a client. It should include all the details including project brief, initial sketches, revisions, and last but not the least, final mocuk-ups approval by client. While you are on it, please be assured that mention dates with every event. Precisely, your creative brief will have every little detail about your project.

Eminence of an effective client brief:

Let us take a look at the qualities and eminence of an effective client brief.

Clarity and crispy:

The clarity is very important so make sure that the language used conveys the message properly without any misunderstanding. Little mistakes can do a lot of damage so re-checking your stuff is very important. Keep the language less technical because people reading it might not be too technical.

Keep it updated:

A creative brief should be updated on regular basis so that you know your project and brief is on the same page. A good idea would be to upgrade it every day, at the end of the day. So, be sure to update it properly.

Keep the client posted:

The client is an equal owner of your creative brief so keeping the client in loop is extremely important. Make sure to send the updated brief copy to your client. Keeping them in loop will keep them posted on the progress of their project.


If you are not in the habit of making a creative brief, you should start practicing it now. This will make the procedure really easy and convenient. You will love how it will avoid all misunderstanding and useless arguments. Since everything is documented, it leaves no room for chaos.

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