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Twitter was the pioneer when it came to hashtags. At least, that was the social network that gave the use of hashtags quite a bit of boost. These days however, hashtags are common with several different social media networks, even Facebook. The power of hashtags is limitless. Hashtags help with online searches and it is the core in spreading information throughout the internet. Moreover, they are surprisingly easy to understand and use. If used correctly, your content (images etc.) can reach a wide variety of audience. If you are a social media marketer, you need to master the use of hashtags and do it quick. These little sings will help spread your word to a larger audience and more quickly at that. Of course, hashtags are not completely fail-proof.

They can backfire too. You may start a hashtag with good intent, but it can quickly turn messy and the internet is no place to have a mess around. If you are following the basic rules behind using hashtags, you need not worry much. All you need is a little research before you consider using a hashtag. In order to help you with hashtags, we came up with a list of 10 Hashtag Tools for Social Media Marketers. Go through the list, we are certain it will prove useful. As always, your comments are welcome.

10. Hashtags.org


Visit this particular website in order to come up with a list of hashtags that are not only popular but currently trending as well. You will also find out which hashtags are currently being used. Furthermore, you will get insights into which hashtags are being used the most in 24 hours. They also have some good articles posted on their websites which will help you understand the game that is hashtags.

9. Hashtagify.Me


There are instances when a particular hashtags sprouts various different branches. There may be hashtag, and then there may be several other hashtags that are either associated with it or otherwise relevant to it. You can use this tool in order to see those branches in a mind-map sort of manner. All you need to do is hover over a particular relevant hashtag and you will also get insight into how popular it currently is.

8. Topsy


While you may not find a lot of use for this particular tool, there are instances where you need to determine when a particular hashtag was first used. The Twitter API will not let you see when the hashtag was first used however, Topsy will let you do just that. You may need to tweak the search settings a little, but if done right, Topsy will tell you when your queried hashtag was first used. It will also provide you with a lot of tweets and images etc. associated with that particular hashtags including some detailed analytics.

7. RiteTag


There are situations where you are just not sure what hashtag to use. For those situations, you can use this tool. It will tell you exactly which hashtag is most likely to be used and seen by other users on your preferred social network. For example, if you are composing a tweet with hashtags, it will highlight your tags in either green, blue or red. These colors will indicate the chances of your tweet being discovered. Of course, if your hashtags are not good enough, RiteTag will suggest a few for you to use instead.

6. TweetReach


When you use a particular hashtag, you are not entirely certain as to its effectiveness. However, if you use this particular tool, you will instantly know if your hashtag has any impact at all. This particular tool will tell you if your hashtag is generating retweets, and discussions etc. Moreover, it will also let you know which user saw your hashtag. All you need to do is put your hashtag in the search box and wait for the magic to happen.

5. Hashtracking


If you are running campaign or an event, you may want to keep a track of all the hashtags you use. Of course, you may not have the time to do so, but give Hashtracking a chance, and it will manage just fine. It will also be able to keep a track of tweets and retweets including information on who is contributing to the conversation. Moreover, it will provide you with detailed graphs which you can then export to view your performance.

4. TweetBinder


This goes in line with the previous tool. There are instances where you are using so many hashtags that it literally becomes a pain to keep a track of them all. This particular is a magician with that aspect. It will generate a report to show you different statistics including conversations, pictures, tweets, links and of course, contributors.

3. TweetChat


If you are lucky enough to have your hashtag trending, you may want to engage with other users directly. Of course, you easily use Twitters @mentions or reply buttons, but depending on how popular the hashtag has become, it may be very messy. TweetChat will solve that problem for you, no sweat. The best part is that you can even pause the stream to take a breather and/or catch up with the replies etc.

2. TagBoard


By now you must have noticed that the majority of the tools listed above are for Twitter. TagBoard however, is a different story. It will let you track hashtag on five different social media networks and that includes Twitter, Google+, Vine, Instagram and of course, Facebook. This is especially handy when you are marketing on several different platforms. You can easily use this tool to determine how well your hashtag is doing on either one of the aforementioned platforms.

1. HootSuite


Well, by now we are certain that you are ready to start using hashtags. But there may just be one more question in some corner of your mind. What if you have to post content including hashtags on different social media networks at once? Say hello to HootSuite. You can use this tool to do just that. Moreover, you can pre-schedule posts and track the performance of your hashtag. You can also use this tool to keep an eye on your competitors. We hope we helped, and we certainly hope you are ready to hashtag away.


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