20 New Year Gifts for Web Developers Love to Buy

It’s the start of the New Year with loads of goodies on their way, and some, already released for the world to enjoy. Let’s face it, development is a hard job to tag along with, and it almost always helps if there is a goodie bag that full of awesome stuff that you can make good use of.

Of course, goodie bags are not all that easy to find and sometimes almost next to impossible. Also, given the fact that a developer’s time is of the utmost essence, why waste so many hours online searching for stuff? So let’s cut to the chase shall we?

Today, in this list, we have gathered various different gifts that all the developers out there, including you, can put to good use. These goodies or gifts, if you may, should prove quite useful, all you need to do is click on the desired link and voila. Browse through our list of 20 New Year Gifts for Web Developers Love to Buy, in celebration of the New Year, and let us know what you think in the comments below. Also let us know if you would like to receive more such goodies and we will try to do our best to gather some for you occasionally. Enjoy the read.

  1. DeviceLab


DeviceLab happens to be a development stand. While it is nothing fancy, it just a nice way to display your work in progress and/ or test responsive websites on various different smartphones at the same time. You can call it your testing table or whatever. You can plug in multiple smartphones at the same time and see the performance of your developed website in real-time.

  1. Ghost Stand

Ghost Stand

This particular laptop stand is specifically designed for MacBook. Usually, developers prefer to work on their laptop but with an external keyboard and mouse. This particular stand elevates the laptop to a comfortable height that is also easy on your eyes. The stand is transparent which, through some angels, make your laptop seem as if floating in mid-air.

  1. WD My Passport Wireless

WD My Passport Wireless

If you are a developer, your biggest fear would be loss of data. Months of hard work just gone in an instant. So what you need is backup and that should be your first priority. While you may be familiar with My Passport external hard drives, this wireless hard drive takes it to the next level. It is available in a 1TB model and you can get it by clicking the link above.

  1. Gunnars Computer Glasses

Gunnars Computer Glasses

Being a developer, one needs to stare at screens consistently and for long hours. Of course, it takes a lot out of your eyes. These particular glasses are designed to make it easier for your eyes. They look classy, and they are actually quite healthy for your eyes.

  1. A DIY Sketch Bundle

A DIY Sketch Bundle

If you are one of those developer that like to draw sketches of your work before you proceed to actual coding etc. this is just the thing for you.

  1. Docking Stations

Docking Stations

Having a messy desk is not at all healthy for working. It is annoying, distracting, and honestly, it looks ugly. So one needs organization. One of the best way to organize your stuff, being a developer, is get a pretty docking station. That not only organizes your stuff but the clutter significantly decreases. This particular docking station can fit your phones, tablets. Cables, keys and even wallets.

  1. Website Deck Of Cards

Website Deck Of Cards

If you are not comfortable with mapping out a website’s infrastructure on a screen, this deck of cards should come in quite handy. This is a collection of 53 different cards that you can carry along. They have on them UIs of different common websites and applications. Also, they look pretty attractive.

  1. Clear Notes

If you are one of those people who like to use sticky notes, then you will be in bliss once you lay your eyes on these clear notes. They are transparent, which means you can mess up an entire page, and at the same time, not mess up the entire page, if you get my gist. They are reusable, eco-friendly, and in my opinion, far more functional compared to your average sticky notes.

  1. Ergotron Workfit

Ergotron Workfit

If you are health conscious, especially regarding the fact that you sit most of the hours during the day, this little lift should put you at ease. If raises your laptop to a height where you can use the laptop comfortably while standing up.

  1. QlockTwo Touch

QlockTwo Touch

This is one of the more unique clocks we came across. It tells you the time in proper syntax by lighting up appropriate characters. This table clock is available in five different colors and offers 12 different languages.

  1. CSS Is Awesome Poster

CSS Is Awesome Poster

If you are one of those guys are into geeky posters, you will be quite pleased to lay your eyes upon these CSS IS AWESOME posters. They are available in three different colors and they speak the truth. CSS IS awesome!

  1. Web Design And Development Books

If you find time to read books, you will be pleased to read this one. There are loads of books out there talking about web design and development, but only few are helpful. This particular one is absolutely brilliant and I would say it is a must read for every developer out there.

Book 1 , Book 2 , Book 3

  1. Opena Case

Opena Case

It is all about cases when it comes to smartphones these days. This particular case has been designed for the iPhone and it not only protects your iPhone, it will also function as a bottle opener.

  1. Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker

Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker

When you are working long hours in the night and are looking for a refreshing beverage, you either go to a coffee place or otherwise have yourself some beer. Let’s face it, making a coffee at home or otherwise visiting a coffee place is quite wasteful, especially if your schedule is jam packed. So try this coffee maker and see how wonderful it is.

  1. Hand Turbine Charger

Hand Turbine Charger

This little gadget is an absolute vision. If you are fond of traveling and find yourself out of battery and no electricity, this hand turbine charger will charge your phone just fine. It can generate enough power to charge your phones or tablets.

  1. Ziiro Wrist Watch

Ziiro Wrist Watch

This is one of the more unique ideas for a wrist watch. The fact is that it is really difficult to tell the time, of course that will change when you get used to it, but if you look at how attractive it is, who cares about the time?

  1. Beats Fujira Special Edition

Beats Fujira Special Edition

If you can’t live without music even when you are working, you may want to try this special edition Beats headphones. The sound is amazing as ever, and the comfort on the ear is mind blowing.

  1. Batman Money Clip

Batman Money Clip

Being a developer, there is slight chance that you are not a fan of batman. If you are a fan, you may want to see these money clips.

  1. Turret


This is a toy. It is also a motion sensor of sorts. The toy will protect your desk in the sense that it will sound an alarm if anyone is near it.

  1. Online Course Subscriptions

Finally, we have this amazing website for you where you can register for different courses. The prices for courses will vary of course, but you will find a lot to learn especially if you are a developer.

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