Inspirational Flat Mobile User Interface Examples

We all know that with every passing a day, a new mobile device is introduced which is much better and advanced than the previous model. As per a few researches, it has been witnessed that people want to carry the best mobile device with themselves. This is why designers of mobile UI are getting prominent. Also, the designers who can create flat designs are much more in demand since flat designing is quite in these days. Designers who deal in UI are enjoying their demand. Today, we will be sharing some inspirations and carefully selected mock-ups for flat mobile UI designs. If you are a designer, you can get inspired from these designs and come up with something better than them.

I personally love to see flat design based UI and mobile apps. They are easy to use and handle and are soothing to the visitor’s eye. Let’s checkout out flat mobile UI design collection.

Email Client Concept

Flat Mobile UI Designs-7

Messenger App

Flat Mobile UI Designs-8


Flat Mobile UI Designs-9


Flat Mobile UI Designs-10

Yummly Mobile

Flat Mobile UI Designs-1

iOS Flat UI Bundle

Flat Mobile UI Designs-2

Weather app

Flat Mobile UI Designs-3

Smart Home

Flat Mobile UI Designs-4

Discovery Channel

Flat Mobile UI Designs-5

1+1 | V2

Flat Mobile UI Designs-6


Flat Mobile UI Designs-11


Flat Mobile UI Designs-12

Samsung Smart Home

Flat Mobile UI Designs-13

Metro Style UI

Flat Mobile UI Designs-14

Settings Screen 

Flat Mobile UI Designs-15

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