Five Best Programming Languages for Newbies

If you are into coding and plan to learn it, your initial choices matter a lot. You need to decide the language you want to begin with as a lot will depend on it. Your language’s selection will give you a proper path and you can decide which skill you want to polish and where you see yourself eventually going. Since there are a lot of languages, you will find out that a few languages are easier and convenient to pick up in comparison to others. There will be proper communities just to teach these languages.

Let me be very clear here. There is no way we can settle the question as to which language you should pick in order to begin with coding. You will have your own opinion and various reasons to learn a specific language. This is exactly why, today, we will be discussing the most popular languages and let’s be clear, we won’t be mentioning them in any particular order so, no first and last here.



Java, needs no introduction as Oracle’s Java is web’s finest and among most persistent programming languages. You will see that Java is probably an essential for all applications on web and of course off web as well. Java supports almost all platforms and operating systems along with all devices. This language is designed in a way to support as many platforms, which makes it an outstanding programming language with wide horizons. Since, it works so well with almost anything, this is considered to be the most popular programming language and you should consider this learning because it is popular and is being used widely. However, having said all of this, learning and understanding Java can be really difficult.

Even with so many advantages, one shouldn’t consider Java to be a perfect programming language. Even today, a lot of school and classes begin their teaching with C or C++ because a lot of Java’s syntax is derives from these old languages. The best part about Java is that it will make sure that you think like a programmer once you are done learning it. After learning Java, you will see that you prefer thinking logically and analytically which will help you in understanding how the coding will work on computers. With Java, you can basically learn core concepts and they will help you a lot in learning other languages.



Ruby was introduced in 90s by a computer genius Yukihiro Matsumoto. Ruby is basically an object oriented, open-source programming language. Since it was introduced in 90s, it is probably one of the oldest languages. The best part of Ruby is that it is designed to have syntax due to which it is more understandable by common people. You do not need to be a genius of commands and vocabulary in order to understand it. Ruby is considered to be as easy language so learning it shouldn’t be a problem. You will get a quick start guide on its official website. If you have been using Perl and Python, you will find a few similarities as well.



If you find yourself into a discussion of best or first programming languages, you will see that Python names come up in any case. Python is also considered to be an easy to learn programming language. This is one of the older languages as was introduced in 80s by Guido can Rossum. Python is basically known as a scripting language and it makes coding a lot easier for programmers. Since Python is quite flexible, it is being widely used even today, despiter being two decades old.

Python will not take you from the basics but it will definitely teach you a lot of useful stuff which will help you a lot with other languages. Developers are quite content and happy with this language as it can be used as a teaching language and offers a lot of tools.



C programming language is considered to be much more famous in comparison to C++ however; they both have been in the programming world for quite some time as they were introduced in 1970s and 80s. It can be said without any doubt that C is widely used language and it has proven to be one of the most influential languages. A lot of other languages were influenced by C, which included C++ as well. C++ is also a popular language and is being used widely. This language is not only used for softwares but also for video games. You must learn these languages as they will help you a lot in future. Even if you stop using them, they will still prove to be very beneficial for you.



To begin with, I would like to emphasize that one should not confuse JavaScript with Java. JavaScript is a scripting language and Brendan Eich was the one who developed it in somewhere around 90s. I can say this with affirmation that JavaScript is among important technologies and the web is based on it. The language is considered to be pretty dynamic and also provides programmers with flexibility. Since JavaScript is available in browsers for you to explore, you can learn it easily as well. JavaScript has gained a lot of popularity recently. If you plan to learn programming languages, make sure JavaScript is on your list as well.


  1. Peter Šulek

    Missing here .NET ? Mix Java with “Python” and similar? When Java is mentioned, there is need to mention .NET (even if author does not like it).

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