Awesome Valentine’s Day Wallpapers

Valentine’s Day goes by many different names including Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. It is celebrated every year on the 14th of February in many different countries around the world. It is not a public holiday though (at least that’s the case in several of those countries). The celebration is of Christian origin. We will not be talking about the story here and are going by the assumption that you would already be familiar with it. The short version is that Saint Valentinus would help soldiers get married as they were forbidden to marry.  For this reason he was imprisoned.

Valentine’s Day is associated with romance and love. On this special day, loved ones come together. It does not matter whether one is in love, or in a relationship or married, Valentine’s Day has become a huge tradition around the world. The least we can do to make you feel like Valentine’s Day and get you into its spirit is provide you with this list of awesome Valentine’s Day wallpapers. We certainly hope you enjoy the wallpapers below. Do let us know your thoughts. Make sure you tell us how you like to spend your 14th February. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Enjoy!

Rain of (Love) Arrows

Valentine's Day Wallpapers-21


Valentine's Day Wallpapers-22

Happy Valentine’s Day: A Boy in Love

Valentine's Day Wallpapers-23

Love is in the Air

Valentine's Day Wallpapers-23

Dream Cortex Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Wallpapers-1

Hugs & Kisses

Valentine's Day Wallpapers-2

Valentine’s Day Preparation

Valentine's Day Wallpapers-3

Be My Valentine

Valentine's Day Wallpapers-4

Splattered Heart 

Valentine's Day Wallpapers-5

In Love 2.0

Valentine's Day Wallpapers-6


Valentine's Day Wallpapers-7

Reaching Out For Love

Valentine's Day Wallpapers-8

Red Heart Box

Valentine's Day Wallpapers-9

Cute Teddy

Valentine's Day Wallpapers-10

Glasses of Love

Valentine's Day Wallpapers-11

Undelivered Valentine

Valentine's Day Wallpapers-12

Heart in the Snow

Valentine's Day Wallpapers-13

Life is Hard – Valentine’s Gift

Valentine's Day Wallpapers-14

Love Letters

Valentine's Day Wallpapers-15

L for Love 

Valentine's Day Wallpapers-16

Love Cards

Valentine's Day Wallpapers-17

Love Heart Pin

Valentine's Day Wallpapers-18

When You Are In Love

Valentine's Day Wallpapers-19

The Two & The Valentine

Valentine's Day Wallpapers-20

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