Amazing Wireframing Mobile Web Apps

Over the past few years the world was taken by a storm by the smartphone revolution that changed the way people saw technology. The technology industry was drastically changed as smartphones almost replaced many different gadgets due to the fact they provide many different features in a single device i.e.Smartphones. Smartphones allows the basic calling and texting of a cell phone as well taking photos, making videos, playing games, listening to radio, serving the web as well as doing various other things using apps.

One of the best and most amazing features of smartphones is the fact that they provide amazing apps which can help you do various amazing things on your smartphone. Apps have changed our lives for the better and have now become an important part of any smartphone user’s life. They help us ameliorate our photos and videos, take and manage notes, as well as get information on a variety of topics etc. There is a huge amount of apps of various different types in a plethora of different categories.

All the above mentioned things definitely make app development a very desirable job nowadays due to the fact that apps are in a huge demand nowadays. A very crucial part of app development are wireframing tools which help you make high-quality and user-friendly apps. So today we are going to present a list of Amazing Wireframing Mobile Web Apps for you all. Check them out and pick the ones you like the best!

Indigo Studio


Indigo Studio is one of the most amazing and fastest user-interface and interaction design tool. It allows creating mockups in very little time such as functional, animated User Interface prototypes and focuses on user experience. It boasts amazing features such as storyboards, inbuilt interactive controls, mockups of desktop/web/apps with ease.

Fluid UI


As the name suggests, this tool allows making fluid interfaces and offer iOS 7 libraries, mockup rebrands, action timeline, new plans and widget groups.



This one is an amazing for designers for modularizing, communicating and delivering annotations of HTML prototypes.



This tool allows easily and quickly building interactions and animations. It boasts integration with Photoshop.



This tool allows creating mockups of iPhone of your desire and choice easily and quickly.

Mockup Builder


As the name suggests, this tool allows creating mockups of software and websites. It is easy to use and quite quick too and gets the job done in no time and with very little overall cost of creating mockups.



This one is a simple and easy to use wireframing tool. The designers will be able to get used to it quite quickly and without much effort.

Just in Mind


Just in Mind is one of the best places for defining mobile and web apps to make them even better and user-friendly.



This one is an online wireframing tool which is quite handy and offers good features. It allows creating, linking together, previewing, and sharing mockups of your website/app.



This tool allows making animated interactions a lot quicker and easy. It helps you make user-interface items draggable, applying new touch, compatible gestures and the ability to capture data and making calculations.


This takes mobile innovation to another level. It is an amazing cloud-based platform which boasts visual development tools and many integrated backend services.

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