5 Best Marketing Analysis Tools for Google plus

Google Plus is a social networking and identity service that is owned by Google Inc. Google describes it as a social layer that would enhance its online properties and that it is not a simple social networking website. After Facebook, Google Plus is the largest social networking website with 540 million active users. It was launched in the year 2011 and written in Java and JavaScript and you have to register with Google to become a part of the network.

540 million users are not enough according to analysts for Google Plus to qualify as a useful marketing platform but this perception is slowly beginning to change. Global Web Index has reported that the network has overtaken Twitter to take the second spot when it comes to social networking. These 540 million active users upload a total of 1.5 billion pictures in a single week only which is a lot if you think about it. The user base of this social networking platform is slowly but steadily increasing and it is becoming a nice platform for brand marketing but you would need more than just simple ideas to compete in this market. You need to be able to analyze the posting habits and promotional efforts to establish what works and what does not and to do that you need these Marketing Analysis tools. In order to help you find the best ones, we are presenting a list of 5 best marketing analysis tools for Google Plus.

All My + Statistics

This particular too is probably the most essential tool for all the Google Plus marketers out there looking to get the most comprehensive analysis of their marketing initiatives. This tool can provide accurate data for any Google Plus profile or page that is available to public. Note that it will not work for profiles that are not public. All My + Statistics can also interpret and present the existing Google Takeouts data and amongst many other things, you can use this tool to gain insight into the following:

– Total number of posts, +1s and total number of shares

– Total number of comments on the page as well as the average of +1s and reshares for the posts that one shared

– It can tell you what and whose content is shared the most and who shares your content the most

– It can show you the popular posts on Google Plus.


Earlier we talked about Google Chrome extension. This particular tool is also an extension for Chrome which can be used for managing circles on your Google Plus profile or page. Unfortunately, this tool is not available for free but you can at least try it for free and gain insight into how it works and decide whether it can prove useful for you or not in case you decide to buy it. The free version does not have all the available features compared to the premium one but you can still do a lot with this tool even if it is free including but not limited to the following:

– Create a list of all your followers

– Create a list of the most relevant people in your circles (this list is generated using a lot of statistics)

– You can create a list of people who follow you or otherwise people you follow but who don’t follow you back

– It can also be used to create a list of people who have shared, +1’d or commented on your posts.

The premium version costs around $47 every year.


CircleCount is a totally free analytics and statistics tool available to consumers and it is focused on Google Plus’s circles features. Of course that should be obvious by the name. It basically counts the circles that you are included in and provides you with a very general report that would include information such as local and global page rank. If you are thinking that is all this free tool does, you are wrong. You can achieve the following using this particular tool:

– It would generate a graph for follower statistics and graphs can prove to be very useful

– You can use it search for users based on location as your criteria focusing on a limited area if you will

– It can generate yearly reports for you to use

– You can create a custom ranking feature to find profiles or pages which is perhaps the most useful thing you can achieve with this tool.

Simply Measured

Simply Measured is slightly different from the tools mentioned above. It is all about visual analytics service which is able to generate a number of different reports that can prove invaluable for marketers. Unfortunately, the tool is not available for free and the only free report that it would generate is Google + Page Report and even this report is limited to pages with less than 100,000 circles. You cannot evaluate much with the free version however the following is what you can really do with this tool:

– It will generate a report with number of +1’s, comments and shares

– Your top users and commenters will be listed

– Keywords will be analyzed (which is perhaps the best function here).

You can try it for 14 days if you will and purchase it if you like the functionality.


NOD3x is a service that you can use to Analyze Social Networks. More specifically, it is a Social Network Analysis (SNA) service and it can be used to track and measure the impact of topics and keywords that you post on your page or profile. This tool is of high interest to Google Plus users because it allows you to log in and analyze your posts on Google Plus and on YouTube. It is an example of semantic search and can draw graphs (real time too) for the following information:

– Statistics for search terms including total posts, total number of posts with links, unique authors

– It can analyze gender

– It can generate reports on post locations and volume

– Sentiment Analysis

Give it a try and you will see what else this tool can use. It is still being actively worked upon.

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