25 Free eBooks for Photographers

Photography is one of the more exponentially growing hobbies amongst people of all ages and genders and why not, it is incredibly rewarding too. With a vast array of digital cameras available for use, cheap and really expensive, professional and semi-professionals, photography is within the grasp of everyone. One thing that certain people are unfamiliar with is the fact that there is a lot more to photography than owning a really nice, expensive camera. It takes every ounce of creativity in oneself to produce a picture that literally is worth a thousand words. A camera is a complex piece of equipment and it involves the use of skill and technical knowledge to explore its full potential.

While it is not hard for anyone literally to see through the camera lens and click the button, an actual photographer has a lot going on in his head before he actually clicks that button. You can explore the basics of the camera by trial and error, and experimentation, but there are few things that you cannot learn like that. That is the function served by the several eBooks and tutorials available online. This list is about 25 free eBooks for photographers, and they are free to use as well. Let us know what you think and as always, your comments are welcome.

25. Digital Photography Basics: Taking The First Step Off Full Auto by Kat Sloma

This is a fantastic book if you are a budding photographer or if you think you have the potential in you. This particular book talks about the basics of working with lighting, aperture and shutter speed. You will also have the opportunity to learn some intermediate-level photo editing.


24. Craft & Vision 1 by Craft & Vision

This particular book is all about writing and photographs. These photographs and writings are bound to inspire you and help you to take your photography to the next level. You will cover topics such as making your pictures more dynamic, refining your composition and shooting portraits.


23. Craft & Vision 2 by Craft & Vision

This is the second part of the book mentioned above. This is another collection of articles that will definitely help you improve your photography. How to shoot in manual mode, black and white photography and developing your own style are a few topics touched in this free eBook.


22. Ten by David duChemin

As suggested by the name, this book will touch ten ideas and techniques that you can use in order to improve your photography and bring it to the next level. You will learn techniques that will let you take amazing pictures even if you do not have a high-end camera at your disposal.


21. Ten More by David duChemin

This is another book by the same author as the book mentioned just before this one. It covers ten more techniques further guiding you and helping your develop your own skills. These two books will help you learn how to not spend too much on camera equipment and still turn out golden.


20. Insights from Beyond the Lens – Inside The Art and Craft of Landscape Photography by Robert Rodriguez Jr

If you are into landscape photography, this is the eBook for you. You will glimpse into an entirely different perspective regarding the landscape photography. The book does not focus on all the equipment and technicalities, but let’s just say that it is more theoretical and creative.


19. Before The Shutter: Planning Your Next Travel Photography Adventure by Anne McKinnell

Everybody loves travel and photography is an essential part of that. Of course, travel photography is a wide field beginning with having a creative vision to capturing extremely captivating moments. This eBook will allow you to explore travel photography and nudge your insights at that as well.


18. 15 Incredible Bird Photography Tips For Beginners by Prathap

We can all agree that birds are absolutely beautiful creatures. We can further agree that it would take quite a lot of skill to capture birds in their glory. This book covers fifteen different topics in fifty pages that should interest people who are beginners at bird photography. Rule of thirds, camera settings and post-processing are just a few examples of topics covered.


17. The Adorama Guide To Sports Photography by Adorama

As suggested by the name, this is a book for those interest in sports photography. Taking pictures of people in action is incredibly difficult and this book is bound to help you get somewhere good with that.


16. Urban Exploration Photography by Neil Ta

Do abandoned buildings or rare buildings fascinate you? If so, you will need to learn the basics of urban exploration photography and that is exactly what this little eBook will provide you with.


15. Going Candid by Thomas Leuthard

Candid photography is the best photography, all natural and nothing fake. This eBook covers the aspects of candid photography from the equipment to post-processing. Also learn how to make the most out of Flickr.


14. Collecting Souls by Thomas Leuthard

Collecting Souls is all about street photography however, the author puts a greater emphasis on motivation and mentality of the photographer. Definitely worth the read. You will also learn how to handle negative criticism.


13. 31 Days To Overcome Your Fear Of Shooting Street Photography by Eric Kim

This is another eBook for those who are passionate about street photography and have been shy to try it out. This is structured on a daily basis so you will have to schedule for the next 31 days after which you should be fairly confident and comfortable with street photography.


12. Lighting 101 by David Hobby

Lighting is a very important aspect of photography and it makes a huge difference. You will learn about the basics of lighting and advanced topics such as artificial lighting techniques. A handy eBook for literally every photographer out there.


11. The Adorama Guide To Getting Started In Studio Lighting & Backgrounds by Adorama

This is another eBook for those getting started in studio lighting and backgrounds. If you are into studio work, you will need to learn about lighting as much as you can because natural lighting is not available and it is completely different. This eBook will help you get to the next level.


10. 8 Types Of Natural Light That Will Add Drama To Your Photographs by Anne McKinnell

Another eBook that regards lighting is the 8 types of natural light that will add drama to your photographs. It was written by Anne McKinnell and it focuses on how you can use natural lighting in different ways in order to turn a good picture into a great work of art.


9. The Shy Photographer’s Guide To Confidence by Lauren Lim

Photography is one art that requires a great deal of confidence. If you do not have confidence, chances are it will show in your pictures. This eBook focuses on how to build confidence in your photography and yourself with special emphasis on commercial photography.


8. The Adorama Guide To Family Photography by Adorama

Family photography is another advanced field and very important too. Family photographs are fountains of preserved memories and they absolutely have to be good. Moreover, you do not get second chances. This eBook will let you learn how to develop yourself with respect to this field.


7. Exposure Blending: The Complete Guide From Camera To Process by Christopher O’Donnell

If you are looking to learn how blend several exposures in order to create a picture that is perfectly exposed, this step-by-step guide will help you with just that.


6. Lightroom 5 Quick Start Guide by Victoria Bampton

When you are into photography, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom go hand-in-hand. If you are into photography, learning the basics of Lightroom will take you a long way. This particular guide will help you with Adobe Lightroom 5.


5. Using your Lenses – Advice for every SLR enthusiast


To get the very best from your optics, you need to know which to use, when and how. This particular eBook will start with taking a look at lens types, focal length and sharpness, all of which are important aspects of photography.

4. Shooting Black & White on your DSLR


Training the brain to view the world in shades of grey is easier said than done. This particular eBook will let you look at how to interpret color scenes and the vast array of applications of photography in mono.

3. Creative Lens Techniques – Shoot images with impact


If you have ever wonder how to best use the extreme focal lengths available to you for impact, or isolate a particular subject by carefully blurring out the background, this eBook is perfect for you.

2. Shooting RAW on your DSLR


RAW files are your gateway to ultimate image quality and maximum control. This particular eBook will start with weighing up the pros and cons, and seeing exactly what can be achieved and how.

1. Photography Tips & Tutorials FREE e-book


As the name suggests, this particular eBook will let you look into tips and tutorials that you can effectively use in order to improve your photography and define your style.

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