20 WordPress Cherry Templates for a Brilliant Start

In recent years the Internet became a very important part in our lives. It helps up to communicate, to study, to have fun, but most important is that it gives us information. So, if you want people to acquaint with you and your job – a website is a must have thing.

If you are reading this, then you understand how important it is to have something that presents you in the fastest growing society in the world – the Internet society. But how is it possible to create a decent site of yours without great knowledge or specific preparations? There are two variants. First, you can order a custom website and pay hundreds of dollars and wait weeks for it to be done. Second, you can get a ready-made template for less than a hundred dollars and install it with ease overnight. One of the biggest providers of such templates is TemplateMonster.com

Why Ready Templates?

Sure, custom templates can make your website unique and fit all your demands perfectly. But who said you can’t do the same with a ready-made one? It costs less, easier to manage, fully customizable and has other benefits as well.

Benefits? What Are They?

Cheap Price

You don’t have to pay over a thousand dollars for a custom template for your website. Feel free to get a perfect theme with full functionality and customizability for less than a hundred.

Less Time Spent

Developing custom template requires a lot of time, so even if you ask professionals to do it for you, it will take weeks or even months to be made. Ready templates, for example Cherry WordPress themes can be used just out-of-the-box in the matter of hours. Plus, thanks to the new Cherry framework, they are really easy to manage even for a newbie.

Full Customizability

As all the templates based on Cherry framework are fully customizable. Moreover, if you get one from TemplateMonster.com, you automatically get all the licensed images that the theme goes with.

24/7 Support

TemplateMonster.com is a big company with a stuff of professionals. They will answer all your questions concerning your website and will help to set up or maintain it.

Of course, there are lots of other benefits, but isn’t it better to see everything with your own eyes? All these templates are provided by TemplateMonster.com, if you can’t find what you need – feel free to visit their website as there are thousands of great themes. So, check out these 20 awesome themes for your website:

Designer Blog WordPress Theme

A great way to show off your work and to tell your clients what you can do. Let your potential raise with this brand new template.

Designer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Mexican Pepper Restaurant WordPress Theme

Hot and spicy, just like Mexican cuisine. Red color is a perfect match for this kind of website.

Mexican Restaurant WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Handy Repairs Responsive WordPress Theme

Bright and vivid color scheme is a great choice if you offer multitasking. You can solve all the house problems and this website can solve all the Internet advertisement problems for you.

Home Repairs Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Cherry Firm Architecture WordPress Theme

Mostly grey, this template is only for serious business. It makes your clients believe, that your projects will last for ages.

Cherry Architecture WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Simple Marketing Agency WordPress Theme

Simple theme for a marketing agency with unusual fonts and smooth design.

Cherry Marketing Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Cherry Management Company WordPress Theme

Shades of grey make your customers relax from all those vivid and overflowed with information websites and bright thumbnails and buttons will underline the most important information.

Cherry Management Company WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Trendy Hotels WordPress Theme

This dark theme is a perfect choice if you own a multi-star hotel. Neutral colors and big light box give your clients just the right knowledge about your hotel.

Cherry Hotels WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Fresh Car Wash WordPress Theme

Despite the overall template is dark, it has light-blue elements that really associate with water and freshness.

Cherry Car Wash WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Lawyer Agency WordPress Theme

This simple theme will persuade your customers in your professionalism and seriousness.

Cherry Law Firm WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Computer Service WordPress Theme

Simple, but multicolored template for your computer repair business. It’s light and catchy, it’s what you need.

Cherry Computer Repair WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Bright Management Company WordPress Theme

This light template with bright colors is a decent choice for a management company. Nobody said that management is a boring thing.

Cherry Management Company WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Stylish Business Consulting WordPress Theme

This dark theme with light and stylish yellow elements is like screaming about your potential and abilities as a professional. If you want to show off your business – do it with style.

Cherry Consulting WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Artistic Design Studio WordPress Theme

Bright colors and convenient grid of light boxes. This template is a great choice for a design studio.

Red Web Design Studio WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Solid Insurance Responsive WordPress Theme

For real, this template looks very solid and professional. Your clients will be sure that you provide the best service they can get.

Insurance Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Old-school Business WordPress Theme

This template gives a feeling of firmness, it’s like you company was on board for many years and you’re just the right person people can trust.

Cherry Business WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Trendy Restaurant WordPress Theme

This template with unusual background and fashionable fonts. The articles give your customers all the necessary information and photos of your meals in the light boxes and make them run to your restaurant since they check them out once.

Cherry Café And Restaurant WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Ergonomic Management WordPress Theme

This light and convenient template is meant to be for your management business. A well-managed website for a great management company.

Cherry Management WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Trendy Photo Studio WordPress Theme

Smooth and firm theme with grid of light boxes is a great way to show off your work in style.

Cherry Photo Studio WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Smart Architecture WordPress Theme

A lot of light boxes and short headers is a great way to introduce your work to your customers so they’ll be sure in your professionalism.

Cherry Architecture WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Modern Art Tattoo Salon WordPress Theme

Tattooing is also a form of art, so your website should be stylish and artistic as well. This dark template will underline your skill as an artist.

Responsive Tattoo Salon WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

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