15 Tools for Selecting an Ideal Domain Name

While you are look to establish your online presence, selecting a domain name will be one of the most important things and probably the most difficult too. Make sure you choose the name wisely and crafting of the name should be done with a lot of thinking and effort. Whatever name you select, make sure that it can be memorized easily. Apart from that, it should have something to do with your business. Getting the Ideal Domain Name is difficult as most of the names are unavailable. Today, we will be sharing 15 great tools that will help you in creating and selecting domain name for yourself. Let’s check out these tools and get started with selecting domain name.



With domain, you can explore much more than the regular .com, .net and other relevant stuff. Domainr will allow you to discover some really great and interesting names. It will log searches secretly and will come up with more than 1700 top notch domains and a lot more.

Lean Domain Search


Lean domain search will allow you to dig into some really unique and different domain names. You can even search the exact match of the name you are looking for. The search feature will also allow you to filter results. Apart from all this, this tool allows you to mark your favorite names so that you can track them easily.



BustAName will help you in looking for a domain name that is perfect for you. You can use the feature of word combiner and can also look for domain names with similar words. You can even save, review and switch words to create a new domain name.



Impossibility will simply generate a name for you. All you need to do is provide your selected words and you will get the results for unregistered domain names. The search is done pretty quickly.


NameBoy is again a tool that will generate domain names for you. You can search with two keywords along with hyphens. This is very easy to use as all you need to do is enter the words you like and you will get a list of possible domain names.

Domain Typer

Again, a very simple tool that is easy to use. All you need to do is enter the desired keywords for your domain name and Domain Typer will let you know whether this is available or not. It will also generate some random yet relevant domain names for your selection.

Name Mesh


In case you are looking for some unique domain names, Name Mesh will be of great help. It utilizes synonyms and antonyms in order to generate great names. The usage of space between your keywords will result into some great results.



Domiza is great for getting instant results and the results are pretty helpful. You will find out if your selected domain name is registered, expired or available for purchase. You will get instant results i.e., as soon you type, results are displayed.


Wordoid will create some made up words from your selected keywords. These words will not only be unique but they will sound great at the same time. The words are 10 letters long by maximum and you have five languages to select from. The best part is you can mix different languages and the domain names can sound amazing.


Dot-o-mator allows you to build domain names by providing you with a list of different words. If you like the suggestion, you can simply combine the words in order to come up with a domain name. Once you select the name, you can then check if it is available or not. An IOS app for Dot-o-mator is also available.


DomainsBot is among the oldest domain name selection tools and has been functional since 2004. It will take ideas from you and transform them into domain names. You will also get some wise suggestions and will inform you if the domain name has been taken or is expired.


I found it to be very interesting as this tool will take a keyword from you and will combine it with another interesting word from its database. Once you like the combination, you can obviously make changes to the placement of keywords. Hypehns can be used to separate the terms.


NameStall basically offers a wide range of tool in which domain name generator is one. This tool will take words from you; combine them with other words to make it look good.



Panabee is a simple tool which allows you to look for various domain and app names with ease. If the name you have selected is no longer available, it will suggest you names matching your selected words.

Domain Puzzler

It offers you three different options to select names from; easy, advance and magic. It will only check availability of your selected word. Magic will do the combination and advanced will allow you to combine words.


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