15 CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery Search Form Scripts

A search box is one of the prime elements of the user-interface of a website. It goes along with navigation and helps in various different means. It also lets you save a lot of your time when you are trying to look for something very specific. It is a very simple element, based on just one line, but is imperative for a website. It usually is hidden under a regular icon in the navigation panel or is otherwise completely visible. It makes your website more user-friendly and the ease of exploration also increases with the implementation of this simple element. One of the best things about it is that it very easy to create and work into a project and this list is about 15 CSS3, HTML, and jQuery search form scripts.

The following list is not only information. The pieces of codes also include tutorials and articles which will help you understand exactly how to create search bar by scratch. We certainly hope you enjoy the reading. As always, your comments are always welcome.

Suggestions Search Box in pure CSS

3. Suggestions Search Box in pure CSS

This is pretty much like the one mentioned above. Whilst you are searching for something and typing the thread, this neat little search box will give you suggestions. It is based on CSS.

Pulsating CSS3 Input Search Box

2. Pulsating CSS3 Input Search Box

This particular search bar is based on CSS3 and is quite the eye-catching box. It includes a small color based animation and the effect will turn on when you click to enter the search query or thread.

Client-Side Search in CSS

1. Client-Side Search in CSS

This is an advanced search field. In order to bring your results forward, it would got through a specified database. If you have a very big website, this is not the right way for you to so you may want to consider one of the above.

WP Advanced Search

This particular advanced search system is based on a PHP framework. It is designed to help you construct standard search forms which will be compatible with CMS.

How to Create an Expanding Search Box with CSS

This very small tutorial will help you understand exactly how to create a very simple search box that will expand as soon as you click on it. It uses HTML and CSS. You can add your own styles too for example, changing the colors etc.

Create a Drop Down Menu with Search Box in CSS3 and HTML

Create a Drop Down Menu with Search Box in CSS3 and HTML

This is a very comprehensive tutorial which will demonstrate some basic and professional technique in order to help you build a flat style navigation bar. It will have a very neat appearance and will include all the key elements including drop-down menus and search boxes.

How to Code an Expanding HTML5/CSS3 Search Input Field

How to Code an Expanding HTML5CSS3 Search Input Field

This particular tutorial will guide you on how to quickly and easily build an expanding search box which will require the use of CSS3 only. There are two different methods you can use to achieve this and this particular tutorial will cover both of them.

Fancy Search Box

Fancy Search Box

This one looks simply amazing. This is a search box with a flat design and a 3d vibe to it that you can sense in the preview picture. All you need to do is copy the code and paste it into your project and you will have your very own search bar.

Search Bar Animation

Search Bar Animation

This is a very standard piece of code which you can very easily integrate with your project. The search bar will expand and give regular users a lot of typing space in case you have a long query or thread to explore about.

Expanding Search Bar using CSS Transitions

Expanding Search Bar using CSS Transitions

This particular article will reveal the basic techniques behind the creation of a search bar. The particular approach used in this tutorial is used by quite a lot of developers out there. It is primarily a menu with a search bar and looks simply amazing.

Cool Search Input Bar

Cool Search Input Bar

This is another search bar with the three dimensional element to it on top of which it looks exceptionally brilliant. The developer has made it so the search field expands. A regular button is provided which you can change according to your will.

Criteria Search Box

7. Criteria Search Box

This is a project which was inspired by Google+ Combo Box. The search field should be able to propose various criteria to make you search more specific and easy.

Cube Animation

6. Cube Animation

The animation used in this search box will only work with Safari or Firefox. There are three different methods offered by the author of this particular bar to create it and it uses CSS and JavaScript. It gives three dimensional look and is pretty easy on the eyes as well.

Basic jQuery Search Filter

5. Basic jQuery Search Filter

This is a very basic jQuery search filter. It is a very neat piece of code which you can incorporate into your website with a lot of ease. All you need to do is go through the tutorial.

Flexible Search Bar

4. Flexible Search Bar

As the name suggests, the search bar will be able to adapt to various screen sizes. You may say that this search bar has responsive elements in a sense of speaking.

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