15 Best Portable Batteries For Your MacBook

Technological developments come every single day. It is often hard to keep up with them. We are living in a world of smart phones and ultrabooks.

Everything is becoming smarter, and more compact. Everything is becoming far more portable. In this digital age, we are always traveling from one place to another, carrying everything on our smart devices. It has been argued that shutting off our smart devices would actually render our performance moot. With the portability, that in itself is very convenient, we are faced with a bigger problem, the problem of keeping our devices alive.

That is exactly what this article is about. In this post, we list down 15 best portable batteries to suit your needs. These portable batteries can recharge your handheld and ultra-devices, several times and ensures that you remain on top of your work. Even if you have no work, to simply communicate, in case you find yourself camping in the Amazon for days, these portable batteries will come in very handy. Let us know what you think because as always, your comments are welcome.


15. Voltsaf

The first on our list of portable batteries for MacBook is the one from Voltsaf. It is a portable high capacity dual-port external battery pack power bank backup charger for smartphones and laptops. The average price for this product is $50. The battery cells in this product are made by Samsung and it is very highly rated on Amazon.


14. RAVPower

This particular battery pack is produced by RAVPower and it is a vast supply of power for your emergency needs. It is a USB powered external battery portable charter with dual USB outputs and a very compact design. You will have to buy the adapters for Apple separately. The average price on this product is $25. It delivers a massive 10,400mAh of power which can be used to charge your devices wherever you may be.


13. WeCharger

This particular portable charger for MacBook is blazing fast when it comes to charging your device. It delivers various amounts of power at 45w, 60w, and 85w for your needs. Of course, you will need a car to plug this charger into. The average price for this product is $30. The design is super minimal and it comes with a built-in transformer, an intelligent chip to regulate power and Magsafe 2 power port.

HyperJuice 2

12. HyperJuice 2

This is perhaps one of the more advanced battery for MacBook. It can power a MacBook and 2 iPads of any 2 USB devices at the same time with an OLED screen providing details of the percentage of power remaining etc. It also shows how long it will take to charge the devices and how long before the power runs out. This battery pack is rechargeable up to 1,000 times and is available at an average price of $300.

RAVPower Xtreme

11. RAVPower Xtreme

This external battery charger comes with multi-voltage system with an LCD display and can be used to charge UltraBooks, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Tablets, Mobiles and other Apple devices. It delivers a massive 23,000mAh and can charge an iPhone 12 times. It comes with 2 USB ports and charges any devices hooked to it at full speed. You can charge up to three devices at the same time. The body is aluminum which ensures good heat dissipation.


10. Intocircuit

Use this power castle delivering 26,000 mAh to charge your laptops, notebooks, netbooks, tablets and smartphones from major companies around the world. It includes 10 connectors for phones and tablets offering extreme convenience and portability. It can charge 12 phones and one laptop with one backup. You can recharge the power bank up to a 1000 times. It comes in an aluminum body ensuring sleek design.


9. Breett

This power bank offers 12,000mAh of power with dual ports. It has the capability to charge your tablets, phones and notebooks including the MacBook. It uses a Li-polymer battery, so it is safe to use while recharging your devices. The power bank will charge the device quickly and you can charge two devices at the same time. It is perfect for traveling because of the compact size and easy handling.

EC Technology

8. EC Technology

It offers 22,400mAh power. The lightning adapter is not included so you will have to purchase it separately. The cells in the battery are manufactured by Samsung and you can charge the power bank over 500 times. It offers simultaneous charging for your devices, delivering equal power to both of them. it comes with LED lights with various indicators and most importantly, it has a built-in flashlight.



This is one of those designs that goes perfectly with your MacBook. The connector in this power bank is actually authorized by Apple. It offers 6,900mAh power which can be used to charge various different devices. The design of the power bank is absolutely beautiful. You can recharge the power bank over 1,000 times. The power bank is made of aluminum, which ensures light weight and proper heat dissipation.


6. Anker

This power bank offers 20,000mAh of power with 4 ports and an LED display. It has the maximum compatibility with Apple. It is constructed with solid aluminum which ensures a light weight and proper heat dissipation to avoid unnecessary heating.


5. Qi-Infinity

The Qi-Infinity Powergrid offers 34,200mAh power. It is the ultimate power bank for laptops of all kinds. It has one output for laptops and 2 for other USB powered devices. It provides one full charge to laptops and 14 charges to smartphones. The design includes an LED display which provides useful information regarding the battery percentage etc. The power bank can be charged over 500 times.



This 23,000mAh beast can charge your phones and laptops alike. It also has a solar panel charger which means you can charge the bank by placing it in sunlight. It comes with Li-polymer battery with 4 LED indicators which will let you know how much of the power remains whilst you are charging your devices. It offers lightning fast charging for more convenience.


3. Poweradd

Poweradd Pilot Pro 32,000mAh is obviously a monster capacity for your devices. You can charge anything from your smart devices to laptops to digital cameras. It provides one outlet for a laptop and 2 others for 5v USB devices.


2. Turcom

You can use this 33,600mAh beast of a power bank to charge various handheld and computer devices. It is great for travelling and offers five LED indicators that will let you know various statistics regarding the power bank. It comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery which increases energy efficiency.


1. Hoohi

Finally, we have a power bank from Hoohii which offers 20,000mAh and multi-voltage charging system perfect for you mobile needs. It offers one full charge to laptops and 9 cycles to most of the smartphones. The fantastic design is perfect to carry around and the LCD screen informs you regarding remaining power and voltage. Perfect and convenient.

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