15 Awesome jQuery Layout and UI Plugins

The eventual aim of a web designer or a website owner is to attract attention. This can be achieved in several methods, but what is the first thing that a particular visitor sets eyes on when he visits a website? The design. The design forms the first impression of a visitor and it is of the utmost importance that that impression is a positive one.
On the internet, everyone wants to provide their audience with stunning designs and features that would make their life easier and give them something to appreciate. As luck would have it, thanks to HTML5 and CSS3 this is now possible. However there are instances where this will not be sufficient and controlling the web layout using HTML5 and CSS3 just becomes annoying. For times like these jQuery comes into play.

jQuery is a cross-platform JavaScript library which is designed to simplify scripting of HTML. It was release around seven years ago in 2006 by John Resig and is currently developed by a team led by Dave Methvin. Of the 10,000 most visited websites 80% use jQuery. It is free, open-source software which was licensed under MIT License. With its help, you can easily navigate a document, DOM elements, and you can even create animations. Having said that, we present today 15 awesome JQuery Layout and UI Plugins that you can use on your websites.

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jQuery Responsive Web

15. jQuery Responsive Web

Responsive is the new black on the internet with the advent of smartphones. You want your content to be displayed with perfection across all platforms and that is where the responsive part plays. To implement this into your website you need to add the following code in your .js file:


jQuery UI Layout

14. jQuery UI Layout

This is another fantastic jQuery plugin that make your life quick and easy. It is inspired by extJS borderlayout but this one offers better control. You can create headers, sidebars, status bars, toolbars, help-panels, menus, sub-forms and much more using this plugin and if offers unlimited layout capabilities and full CSS control. You can use any of the HTML5 elements such as divs, iframes etc. and you can use this plugin with other jQuery UI widgets too.


13. Shapeshift

This plugin is capable of organization of compilation of web elements into a column grid system dynamically. You could say this is similar to Pinterest. The following is what you can do with the advanced features of this plugin:

– You can make items flow from top to bottom or left to right

– You can drap and drop web elements

– The grid will change according to the browser size; it is responsive

– It is Touch capable.


12. jLayout

jLayout offers four layout algorithms for you to layout HTMl elements in a webpage. The first one being border, second one being grid, the third being flexGrid and the fourth and final algorithm is flow. This is perhaps the only plugin that so comprehensively offers different layout algorithms.

jQuery Full Content

11. jQuery Full Content

If you are willing to make a full-screen single-page website, which is the new trend, you should consider the plugin. You will learn that achieving just that is actually very simple. You can create full width containers to fit any window screen and also add a dynamic position to it if you will. You can set the containers in any horizontal or vertical position and you can apply scroll animation between two and more containers. On top of all this, jQuery Full Content is very simple to use and supports almost every modern browser.


This plugin can break down a given set of CS rules and display the content as defined in the specification. It supports all the modern browsers and even the old ones so you don’t have to worry about that. Additional features include:

– Add this code “$.templateLayoutShowOnReady()” before $(document).ready(function){ } to avoid the appearance of the un-templated page

– You can run the template process again by adding “$.redoTemplateLayout()”

– You can use jQuery’s css (name, value) function as well

jQuery Nested

9. jQuery Nested

This plugin will allow you to create multi-column, dynamic grid layouts in a matter of seconds. It will allow you to have completely gap-free layout and to do that this plugin creates a matrix of all web elements.


Looking for newspaper-esque look for your website? If so, then this is the plugin for you. Now that you have the general drift, here is what you can do with this plugin additionally:

– You can define line breaks for specific or all the columns in your website (you need the latest version for this feature)

– If you come across any error using the CSS, simply prefix them by using ‘cssClassPrefix’


You can use this plugin to add dynamism to your website. It would organize the content of a website in a responsive manner. You can implement this on a container or the entire website. You don’t need to define a column width suitable to the size of the web element to use this plugin. You can customize this plugin according to your will.


This is another layout and UI plugin you can to build instinctive draggable layouts from web elements across multiple columns present on a webpage. In order to make sure that this works on your website, it should be viewed on the latest browsers.


5. Script.Aculo.Us

This is an open-source plugin. If you are looking to build intuitive web user interface and powerful websites, this is the plugin for you. You have a powerful visual engine with Ajax based auto-completion, in-place editing, drag and drop library, sliders and a lot more.


4. Grid-A-Licious

Do you guys use Pinterest? There are a lot of people who do. This particular plugin would provide similar viewing experience for your website. It offers the following features:

– fadeInonAppear effect

– Width and Gutter Setting

– OnComplete Call back event

– Prepend and Append method to add newer items

Metro UI CSS

3. Metro UI CSS

Folks you are probably, no, definitely familiar with the Metro UI offered by Microsoft with the Windows 8. Well, this plugin will do just that for you website along with the following features:

– The plugin was developed using LESS

– If you link the plugin back to its original website, you can use it for free

– Metro UI supports responsive layout

– The grid system is very easy to use and understand.

 jQuery Easy UI

2. jQuery Easy UI

As notable by the name, this plugin helps you to build custom user interfaces. It is a collection of jQuery based user interface plugins that will provide you with the most essential functionalities for you to build a modern and an interactive web based application. It is a big time saver and you can even use it to create UI elements for HTML5 and JavaScript applications. Use this plugin to create Forms, Data Trees, Data Windows, DataGrids, Layouts, Buttons, Menus, Drag and Drop Applications etc.

jQuery Tools

1. jQuery Tools

Finally, we have this powerful JavaScript library which you can use to easily enhance the overall functionality of a particular website. This is a huge collection of the most important jQuery elements using which you can create stunning UI including tooltips, tabs, navigation menus and visual effects.

If you are not a skilled web designer, don’t worry. You can still use the jQuery Tools since there are a lot of tutorials available. Let us know which ones you liked folks and feel free to comment.

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