14 Valuable Online Web Development Courses

Web developers are discovered from numerous fields. It is hard to distinguish if a web developer is a computer science graduate or someone who enjoys coding and considers it a hobby. If a web developer get the initial jump, his priority should be to learn more. If you have studied coding in college but you do not make an effort to evolve with the passage of time, your education is useless.

When it comes to web development, you actually have unlimited options to learn from. There are plenty of computer languages and if you want to excel in this field, you need to go beyond the basics and fundamentals. Good news for web developers is that there are plenty of online courses and tutorials available for you to gain knowledge from. Today, we will be sharing extremely 14 Valuable Online Web Development Courses. Go through these and select the perfect one for you.


Web Development

Web development is all about basic rudiments of internet and of course web protocols. It will also teach you about a few languages that are pretty important in the world of web development. You will also get to learn about web related architectures and various programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, AJAX and a lot more.

Course Linkvia Saylor

Dynamic Web Development Basics

With Dynamic web development basics, you can create your very own MySQL database. All you need is HTML and of course an access to a hosting account. It will also inform you about ways to edit page’s content within database.

Course Linkvia Udemy

Computer Science 50

This is also called CS50 and is an introductory course in Harvard’s college. With this course, you can learn how to solve problems analytically and that too afore programming. If you do not have programming experience, even then this course can prove to be really beneficial for you.

Course Linkvia Harvard Extension School

Web Design Fundamentals

As the name suggests, this course is basically an analysis of changes and enhancements in web design and development world. It will provide you with an updated view on all the developments. All of the popular web tools are examined in this course and any new and old developer can benefit from this.

Course Linkvia Lynda

Web Programming and Design

This is basically a language introductory course and the major focus is on Flash scripting, XHTML and JavaScript. Since, it is an introductory course; you will learn the basics of XHTML and other languages. This course is a 2-month course and you will get a good understanding of JavaScript and flash animation as well.

Course Linkvia Humber

Building Dynamic Websites

As the name suggests, you need to build dynamic websites since relying on HTML is not a very good idea. This training will focus on teaching you as to how you can build dynamic websites with the usage of Apache, MySQL and of course the popular PHP.

Course Linkvia Harvard Extension School

Advanced Topics in Web Development

If you think you are quite skillful in web programming, even then this course should be considered mandatory. This course is perfect in case you are looking to update yourself with the recent web standards. This course will teach you advanced web coding concepts and a lot more. You will learn about modern web applications.

Course Linkvia ETSU

HTML Essential Training

If you want to have a strong grip on HTML, then this course is the one you are looking for. It will teach you everything about HTML that you need to know. Also, it touches on CSS and will also inform you on how you can optimize your website’s pages for various search engines.

Course Linkvia Lynda

HTML5 Introduction

This course is all about HTML5 so in case you are looking to update yourself with the knowledge of HTML5, go for this course. You will have to have some basic computer knowledge and skill.

Course Linkvia IWA

XML Tutorial

XML tutorial is a language that can format any information that is readable by machines as well as humans. XML is considered to be a complimentary language to HTML.

Course Linkvia w3schools

Introduction to XHTML

This course will tell you how XHTML can bridge HTML and XML. It will also be a good introduction of CSS so this can be a very informative course.

Course Linkvia IWA

CSS Fundamentals

This course is much more than CSS fundamentals. You will get much more than a high-level overview and along with this, it will also tell you how CSS can be integrated with HTML.

Course Linkvia Lynda

Introduction to CSS3

This course is a good way to increase your CSS3 knowledge. This is the first revision of CSS3 ever since smartphones and other new devices.

Course Linkvia IWA

Javascript Tutorials for the Beginner

This course is basically for the beginners however; they should have a bit of know-how of HTML and CSS. Although this will cover the basics but this course will definitely give you a strong grip on JavaScript.

Course Linkvia Home & Learn

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