10 Teenage App Developers to Awe

The internet has evolved over the last decade and it has certainly change the way we gain knowledge and insight into certain matters. If you are looking to learning something, all you need to do is Google it.

You can literally learn anything you want on the internet as long as you look hard enough. Of course, it is not quite as similar to taking a proper course, since you are not awarded a degree, but it certainly is a great deal of help if you are looking to pursue a certain field. More importantly, age is not a factor on the internet. You can be 80 and learn how to use Photoshop and several other things.

The internet has made the entire learning process quite simple, and everything really is a question away. In the spirit of learning, and teaching oneself, this list talks about some teenagers who taught themselves in the field of development. They are very young and curious people. Having learned everything they know on the internet, they have been featured on this list because of one giant reason. They all put their knowledge to great use and came out with some great applications. Let us take a look into what these children can do. Here’s presenting, 10 Teenage App Developers to Awe. As always, your comments are welcome.

10. Michael Sayman

Michael Sayman

Michael is 17 years of age and he was featured in an annual conference by Facebook called f8. He created the word game by the name of 4Snaps. It is a relatively simple game. Players take four different pictures in order to make up a word. This application gathered so much attention that it reached the ears of Mark Zuckerberg himself. The creator of Facebook. Michael learned how to code at the age of 12. He got the inspiration for the game when he saw his sister sending pictures to her friend in order for her to guess the word.

9. Brittany Wenger

Brittany Wenger

Brittany is 19 years of age. She came up with a breast cancer diagnosis application which would change the face of medical history forever. She was inspired by her younger cousin’s breast cancer diagnosis process. This particular program is able to detect 99 percent of the life-threatening tumors. She even won the Google Science Fair because of that application in 2012.

8. Ethan Duggan

Ethan Duggan

Mr. Duggan is 13 years of age only. His inspiration comes from the time when he saw his mother trying out various different outfits. He would compliment his mother in the different outfits and thereby decided to record a few phrases. Thus came the idea of the application called LazyHusband. It features difficult (tricky) questions asked by wives to their husbands. The application features appropriate responses. Take a look at it. It’s fun.

7. Ryan Orbuch and Michael Hansen

Ryan Orbuch and Michael Hansen

They are both aged 17. They came up with a mind blowing runaway task management application. Ryan was basically studying for a test when he decided to procrastinate in order to sketch a to-do-list application. He gave this idea to his friend and together they came up with the extremely visual application called Finish. The word itself is the opposite of procrastination. Irony at its best.

6. Nick D’Aloisio

Nick D’Aloisio

Nick is 18 years of age, at the time of writing. He was studying for a major history test. We all know how boring history tests are. So he started thinking of an application that would summarize news content from major news sites on one singular page. That would make his job easy. He later named the application Summly. He got various funds from all around the globe include Hong Kong’s billionaire Li Ka Shing and Aston Kutcher. Beat that!

5. Julian Wyzykowski

Julian Wyzykowski

At age 16, like any other teenager would be, Mr. Julian Wyzykowski was into digital games. Unlike other teenagers though, he was so into digital games that he felt the need to develop them himself. He has since created eight different mobile applications and games. He also runs his own company by the name of Combustible Games.

4. Maximillian Polhill

Maximillian Polhill

He created the game called Stellar Alien. It is inspired from Physics. Stellar Alien is a space-themed game and of course it involves spaceships and aliens. Maximillian was creating a simulation of a planet’s gravitational pull on an open source Physics engine by the name of Box2D. Talk about interest in Physics. Get this, he is only 15 years old.

3. Arjun Kumar

Arjun Kumar

All this talk of development had to bring an Indian boy. At the age of only 14, Mr. Arjun Kumar created an application called Ez School Bus Locator. This application is more suited for parents. The application is capable of finding out where a particular bus is, whether a certain child is on the bus and calculates the estimated time as to when the bus would actually drop the child back home. Safety first ladies and gentlemen.

2. Zack Banack

Zack developed video games at the age of just 17 years. On one of his regular school days, his friends were disappointed at the lack of snow and complete mistrust over local weather channels. He decided to make a better one and came up with Whiteout Watch application. This application predicts chances of a snow day. It collects various data from different sources and make predictions. It is surprisingly accurate too.

1. Thomas Suarez

Thomas Suarez

He is the genius who, at the age of twelve, established his own company by the name of CarrotCorp. Since its inception, the company has launched two iOS applications. He has also set the world record for being the youngest application developer ever. He released his first application called Earth Fortune, which would change the color of the Earth based on your fortune. The application came out in late 2010.

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