10 Reasons to Establish Designer a Strong Online Presence

If you are a designer, doesn’t matter what kind, there is a high probability that you will be thinking about whether to make an online portfolio or not.

While you may think it is a lot of effort and you may end of wasting your money and other resources, an online portfolio is very important for your career. Think of it as a permanent resume that anyone can access at any time. Creating an online presence if you are in a ‘designer’ business is very important, especially considering the fact that it has become very easy in this day and age.

It is absolutely essential for you to create one because it will help you potential clients search for you and find out what you are all about. Think about it, if you are looking to order some sort of a service, you do a search online first in order to look for competent people. If you do not have an online portfolio, chances are someone with one will get your job. If you still don’t get the gist, we came up with a list of ten reasons why we regard a strong online presence. Read on to find out more on these 10 Reasons to Establish a Strong Online Presence. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Enjoy!

Easy and Simple


If a decade and a half ago, you were looking to set up a website, it would have been really difficult for you. Times have changed, however, and now, even if you have absolutely no idea on how the website development work, you can easily do it. All you need is a working credit card to pay for the different services you will require in order to make a website and you are good to go. You will only need a catchy name that describes you, or your company, and hosting. The rest is all easy and majority of the stuff you will need for creating a website is free.

Fresh Content

The best part about a website is that you can edit it on the go with all those tools available and high-speed mobile internet of course. Don’t think of it as a liability. Keeping your online portfolio updated is absolutely necessary. People need to know that you have not been sitting free and that you have kept yourself busy. See, the resumes don’t really contain a lot of detail. A website on the other hand, will give the potential employer a good idea about you and your abilities.

Specific Pages

spiecy page

While the portfolio will contain everything you have worked on (make sure the projects are major ones), you can also create a page where you can specifically mention what you are looking for. You can post your entire pitch there. Most of the times, clients are looking for specific services. You may want to list out your specific interests and abilities, who knows, you may have a point of differentiation which gives you the edge you are looking for.



The best thing about having an online presence is the fact that you do not need to look for clients yourself. Clients will look for you. If they are looking for a service, they will perform a simple Google search and if you are lucky, your website will pop up. Since you will have your contact details on the website, they will get in touch with you if they are interested in your services. So, basically, not a lot of effort will be required of you to land a project.


It is absolutely stupid to have testimonials on your resume or CV. There is no way you can have an endorsement on a piece of paper too. This is another thing a website will seamlessly do for you. You can list down your clients on a web page, people you have worked for. You can request them to share their views on how you did on the job. That makes a big selling point. If you have a large portfolio of people who are satisfied with your work, then you really have no reason to think other people won’t sign you up.

Putting Yourself Out There

The best thing about an organic resume, such as a website, or an online presence, is that it screams everything there is to admire and like about you. Your selling points, abilities and skills, everything will be included on your website. All you will really need to do is keep the portfolio updated, and if there is a corner where your potential clients can interact with you and your work, you would do yourself a favor to make sure you are available to them. Then again, a website is a great way to make new contacts, and they will come in very handy especially if you are a freelance designer.

Bigger the Better

Well, if you try and display the entirety of projects you have been a part of, as a team or individually, on a physical resume, it may very well become a thesis on your or a dissertation. That is not what your potential clients are looking for. However, if it is a website, you can put whatever you want on there as long as it is relevant. All you will need in that case, is proper navigation, and an attractive design. Your potential clients would float through your pages like it was a breeze.

Always Available

A physical resume is not that handy. You won’t carry it around everywhere. You are a designer, you can meet clients at all sorts of different times. There is a high probability that you meet someone important and you don’t have the goods with you. So what do you do, do you ask for an email id where you then send him the alleged resume? No. That does not leave a good impression. You go over to them, explain to them what you are all about, and give them a nice visiting card with your website on it. That is score!

Show Off


One of the best things you can do with an online resume is to flaunt your projects. Again, a thing that you cannot achieve with a normal, physical resume without turning it into a book or a novel. If you have a good experience with clients, you can post all your work online, and remember, the more the better.

Live Work

Finally, you can use your website as a link to other projects you have done. For example, when you are flaunting your clients, and they are currently using whatever you designed for them, you can put a link right there in the online portfolio. That way, your potential clients can see what you have worked on and actually see it in action, live! Just make sure you keep everything updated. You don’t want an expired link to your portfolio.

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