10 Most Expensive Acquisitions in Tech History

Technology world is growing and with it are acquisitions of certain technology companies. That could happen for many reason. It could happen to eliminate competition, to acquire talent, to gain access to a lot of different patents and trademarks, equipment, technologies, etc. For all it is worth, the acquisition news are also giant for the news media and media in general. Whenever there is an acquisition of a well-known tech company, the prices paid either in cold hard cash or otherwise as stocks are sky high. It is always interesting to know what could be achieved with that kind of money if it weren’t for an acquisition. This particular list talks about 10 most expensive acquisitions in tech history. At the end of every acquisition alternate or substitute buys are given which should provide you with an idea of exactly what a company could do with that kind of money.

We certainly hope you enjoy the list and as always, your opinions are always welcome.

1. Facebook Buys WhatsApp ($19 Billion)


Face book is receiving entrance to WhatsApp’s 44300000 users and countless other migrations that even so aren’t touching the impressive size of users sticking to WhatsApp in an absurd price of $19 bill. If anything destroys SMS, it was WhatsApp with its clever, faithful and qualified loom to mobile messaging, so much so that SingTel CEO is allowing for accusing the likes of WhatsApp and Skype for the utilize of their networks.

Substitute buy: The UN’s aid budget for a year ($13bil)

2. Google Buys Motorola Mobility ($12.5 Billion)


Google held that tiara with an achievement of Motorola Mobility in 2011 (finalized in 2012) for $12.5 billion. From the contract, Google had also obtained 1000 IBM patents typically connected to hardware but lost out on 6,000 patents in telecommunication and networking patents from Nortel. Nortel had sold out to a cluster of tech companies including Apple and Microsoft, as a replacement for of only to Google, raking in $4.5 billion in the method.

Google had while trade off Motorola Home for $2.35 billion to Lenovo for $2.91 billion plus attractive expansion of Android at an extraordinary size, all done earlier than Face book.

Substitute procures: Finding The Higgs Boson ($13.25 bill).

3. HP Buys Autonomy ($10.3 Billion)

HP Buys Autonomy

An enterprise software company (HP) was on course to make another $10-billion sale with Autonomy in 2011. The CEO in charge, of the contract, Leo Apotheker, had since been discharge, and when Autonomy unsuccessful to arrive at profits goals, its creator and CEO, Mike Lynch was ablaze as well. Later, near the end of 2012, HP confess that they had overpaid for the company, naming the reason being Autonomy had been cooking their books (which they deprived of).HP executives allegedly knew about the British software maker’s unsuitable accounting activities so far did not notify the board, permitting the contract to fall all the way through.

Substitute pay for: Clean water and sanitation for the for the world – ALL of it ($10 billion)

4. Microsoft Buys Skype ($8.5 Billion)

Microsoft Buys Skype

Skype was momentarily owned by eBay in 2005 for $3.1 billion at a 40% loss but when Google and Facebook came a-knocking earlier than Microsoft purchased Skype in mid-2011. Microsoft jumped in and welcomed Skype into the family for $8.56 billion. Though it had a smaller client base than Windows’s own Live Messenger, Skype had 8 million paying consumers. While then, Skype is pre-installed on every Windows device and is the channels one-third of the world’s video calls are on. It also fetch in close to $800 million in 2012, which barely added to Microsoft’s in general earnings, but it is immobile a lot better than Microsoft’s gaining of online advertising company, a Quantify in a 2007 $6.3 billion contract. Let’s just pronounce online advertising is still out of Microsoft’s clutch.

Substitute buy: Cost to build 2 World Trade Centers ($8 bil)

5. Oracle Buys Sun Microsystems ($7.4 Billion)

Oracle Buys Sun Microsystems

Upon buying Sun Microsystems, Oracle took over ownership for Java, the Solaris Operating System and MySQL (considered a threat to Oracle’s business), which Sun had bought two years prior for $1 billion. The move in effect kept Java away from IBM’s rule but saw the loss of key engineers in Sun, plus author of Java, James Gosling, creator of XML, Tim Bray, CEO Jonathan Schwartz and Sun’s Chief Open Source Officer, Simon Phipps.

In August 2010, Oracle, safe and laden, sue Google for “copyright and copyright breach” over the utility of Java in its robot platform. It was looking for $6.1 billion in damages but when a jury found that Google was not guilty of breach, only “a small amount of literal code copying”, Oracle decided to “zero” damages saying it wants to focus on filing for an appeal instead.

Substitute buy: Relief for the Philippines ($6 billion)

6. Microsoft Buys Nokia ($7.2 Billion)

microsoft acquire nokia

Nokia sold its mobile phone unit to Microsoft for more than $7 billion in mid-2013 the no.1 cellphone manufacturer in the world. Also built-in are Nokia’s patent collection, mapping services, around 32,000 employees and a possibility for Microsoft to break into the mobile device and services market via the Lumia and Asha brands.

Plot theorists rapidly noted the taking part of Stephen Elop in the conclusion to merge Nokia’s hardware and giving out channels with Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform. Before a decision-making of Microsoft, Elop was CEO at Nokia during the gaining and will become the head of Microsoft’s devices team upon completion of the deal.

A new theory was that Nokia was at the edge of dumping Windows Phone and Microsoft had no other pick but to buy the one last ferry that carry Windows Phone.

Substitute purchase: A colony on Mars ($6 billion)

7. Google Buys Nest Labs ($3.2 Billion)

Google Buys Nest Labs

The co-founder of Nest and the maker of the iPod is Tony Fadell, and he is situating to adjust your home into an “alert home”. Google deem that technology should be working stiff for people, as people should be getting on with their lives. Nest’s products aspire to build that a realism, by creating smart products that can make decisions by knowledge your actions and connect with you, inside your home. Scary… so far thrilling!

Imagine that might Google perhaps desires with thermostats and smoke detectors when it already is the world’s biggest search engine, and has an array of news-generating products – Chromecast, Chromebook, Android OS, Google Nexus and Google Glass – to its name? Possibly the next big thing to change the world.

Substitute buy: MMR vaccine for every child in the world ($3 bil).

8. Dell Buys Quest Software ($2.4 Billion)

Dell Buys Quest Software

A leader in enterprise software solutions comprising of database management, data protection, Windows server management as well as identity and access management is Quest Software . In glow of the reject in hardware and personal computer sales, Dell outbid rivals with a $2.4 billion tender to acquire Quest.

It hopes to shove its software commerce sales to up to $1.2 billion per annum with the help of Quest, which has 3850 employees and 60 offices in 23 countries. Dell is also account to have made 19 gaining in the past 4 years counting for a storage defense solution company, Credant Technologies (undisclosed), and a network and data security provider, SonicWall for $1.2 billion.

Substitute pay for: Burj Khalifa ($1.5 bil)

9. Yahoo! Buys Tumblr ($1.1 Billion)

Yahoo! Buys Tumblr

Marissa Mayer connected with Yahoo! in July, 2012 and began a shopping spree that concerned a diversity of startups as well as Rockmelt, Aviate and the one with the major price tag, Tumblr. Up to now, it has exposed no signs of slowing down. It is residence to 173.4 million blogs and already has 78 billion posts. Tumblr is in essence Yahoo’s lifeline to young adults, and while Tumblr has yet to show any returns, Mayer could change all that with ads in 2014.

Sideways from trying to stature out how to monetize ads in a way that doesn’t take away from the Tumblr user experience, Yahoo has to deal with Tumblr pages that are not safe for work (NSFW). For the former, it is likely that another startup company, Swoop, may be called in to deliver. Using data provided by the users themselves, Swoop engages in contextual advertising to ensure you are dish up ads of things you are concerned in.

Substitute buy: 3 Airbus A380-800 ($1.2 bil)

10. Facebook Buys Instagram ($1 Billion)

Facebook Buys Instagram

Facebook trade Instagram, a photo-sharing app for a billion dollars (pfft) . In any case, Facebook has been buying startups left only to obtain fresh aptitude, and like how Google does it, a lot of these gained startups are purchased then close up down . Given that the achievement in April 2012, Instagram has a marked growth of 23% in 2013 and has broadcast that it would be commence publicity to the platform. Perhaps the most leading app to popularize selfies and hash tags, Instagram’s eminence had also goad many third-party apps that tolerate consumer to expand Instagram further than its exercise of photographic filters.

Substitute buy: 4 trips to space on Virgin Galactic ($1 Billion)

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