10 Exceptional Platforms for Building Mobile Apps

Building a mobile app is not at all an easy task. It definitely requires your time and money. However, if you have not been able to create a mobile app for your blog or business, be assured that you are not the only who has been through this. Having said that, creating a mobile app earlier required a lot of time and heavy spending. These days, you won’t need a lot of cash to be able to enter mobile market. Thanks to the mobile platforms available these days, you can easily build a mobile app without spending a heavy amount or wasting your precious time in coding.

You will only have to make a small investment, and you can not only create your mobile app but manage it way too easily too. Today, we will be sharing 10 excellent platforms for building mobile apps. Let’s check them out.

1. Appery.io


Appery is basically a cloud based mobile app builder and you can use it if you want to create apps for iPhone, Android and even windows phone. As mentioned above, since it is a cloud based builder, it will require no installation or downloading so you can start creating an app with ease. Thanks to the visual editor, you can drag and drop the components as per your requirements. As far as pricing is concerned, the plan begins from being free to around$180/month.

2. Mobile Roadie


This is a great app creator too and you can easily create web apps for Android or IOS. The best thing is that this creator supports all sorts of media types. With the usage of Mobile Roadie Connect app, you can review your app too. Customization is also very easy with mobile Roadie and has  lot of other features to offer. You will have to begin with spending $125 reaching up to $ 667.

3. TheAppBuilder


TheAppBuilder will provide you with different set of Apps catering the needs of employees, clients. You have two options to create an app either by using the online tool and you can go for the training offered by them. Once you app is live, you can make changes easily and they are made live within 60 seconds. For pricing query, get in touch with them.

4. Good Barber


You will not require any coding and even after that, you can take full control of your app. You will get some great templates with beautiful icons and great fonts. Apart from apps, you will get a mobile version of it for browsers. This can also be linked with your domain name in case you are looking to make it your official website. This builder has a lot more to offer and you can get it for $16 ranging up to $32.

5. Appy Pie


With AppyPie, anyone who has 0% programming skills can easily create an app for Android, IOS and windows. Once created, push it to the respective app stores. No installation required; all you need to do is drag and drop and once you are done, you will get an HTML5 based hybrid app and it will work on each and every platform including blackberry. To begin with, get it for free and it can move up to $33.

6. AppMachine


With AppMachine you can easily create apps for IOS and Android. You can simply drag and drop features in order to create a web app. You can also connect these with various social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. you can also test your website’s progress as you create it. They offer different pricing plans.

7. GameSalad


I personally live this one as being a person who love gaming. With GameSalad, you can easily create different games. You do not have to be a programmer to do this. One should definitely try it as the price plan starts at free and will go up to $299.

8. BiznessApps


Creating mobile apps with BiznessApps is a very simple process. You will get to see some very interesting features such as shopping carts, food ordering and a lot more. With an easy CMS, creating an app is a task of few minutes. You also have an option to customize designs. Also, any changes you made to your app will be live instantly. Pricing plan begins from $29 and can go upto $59.

9. AppMakr


AppMakr is basically a DIY platform for creating mobile applications. With this app builder, you can build unlimited apps and it offers some great features such as push notifications, video streaming and a lot more. Keeping a track of all your apps is also very easy via dashboard and this is from where you can work on customizing your app too. With so many features, the basic plan of AppMakr is absolutely free and will go up to $99.

10. ShoutEm


This is among the best platforms for building mobile apps. It will offer you a full CMS, app building tools and a lot more. You will also get a lot of customization options. Also, you can integrate these with different content sources. Publishing of apps to respective app stores is also very easy. You will have to spend $19.90 to begin with and price could lead up to $119.90.

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  1. In my opinion, GameSalad is not a platform for building Mobile Apps. It is a its game design devlopment tool. Which helps developers with easily designing their game graphics.
    I think the author should have added AppClay in the list. Appclay is a platform for building HTML5 or Native ANDROID & BLACKBERRY 10 Apps.

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