10 Best WordPress Job Board Plugins

There are several job boards all over the internet and it is absolutely impossible to research all of them in order to look for the perfect job you seek. It is very easy to get confused and lost and moreover, it becomes extremely impossible to actually keep track of all the job applications. What most people do is prioritize and consider into account either two or three job portals and note everything down. When it comes to designing a job board, well that’s the other end of a job portal, you need to make sure that your design stands out. One of the more important things is that you need to keep everything very professional. It needs to look attractive and intuitive.

The best part about WordPress is that it has a host of plugins that you can use as a part of your website. While some of these plugins are paid, others are absolutely free and both have the ability to take your job postings right to the next level. This particular list talks about 10 Best WordPress Job Board Plugins that you should definitely look into. We hope you enjoy the read and as always, your comments are welcome.

10. WPJobBoard


This is a paid plugin which should allow you to incorporate your blog and job board into a single website design. Moreover, this plugin should work with all the available WordPress themes and the plugin can easily be customized to match the aesthetics of your entire website.

9. Job Manager

Job Manager is one of the best plugins if you are looking to post jobs and handle job applications. You should consider adding this to your website. It is very customizable to match the appearance of your website and you should easily be able to handle job posts from several jobseekers out there. There are several options for you to play with in the backend as well.

8. WPCareers


This particular plugin will give a very handy little feature to your job board. There are instances where a person does not actually apply for the job, but while in the process, gets to use your website in order to create a resume for later use. If you are looking to offer such a functionality to your users, this is the plugin suited best for you.

7. WP Job Manager


This is a very lightweight plugin if you are looking to add a simple job board to your website. It is based on shortcodes and can work with any theme. Of course you will have to mess with CSS styling a tad bit but it really is quite simple to set up. The plugin comes with extra shortcodes in order to help you customize the plugin.

6. Resume Submissions and Job Postings

Resume Submissions & Job Postings

If you are posting jobs on your websites, you may want to consider this particular plugin. You should be able to post jobs to a created job board and users of your website should be able to submit their resumes easily. The plugin will allow you to easily set up automatic thank you mails too which would be sent to job seekers when they apply for a particular job.

5. WPJobAds


If you are posting jobs on your websites, you should know that that can sometimes bring in additional income for you. This particular plugin will help you get that additional income. Of course, the plugin is paid. This plugin will connect you directly with PayPal too which will make the transactions very easy.

4. WPJobboardPro

4. WPJobboardPro

This is a WordPress plugin, which upon installation, should easily add a job board to your website. It is a paid plugin, but once you install it, you should be able to send and receive applications easily. Jobseekers will also be able to create their resumes easily right on your website by the help of this plugin.

3. Zartis Job Plugin

Zartis Job Plugin

Zartis Job Plugin is also a paid plugin. It will allow you to post jobs on your website. You should be able to create, edit and remove jobs at will. Moreover, you will be able to manage the people who apply for the jobs. The plugin is also integrated with several social media websites, allowing you to easily post your jobs on said networks as well.

2. WordPress Jobbin


WordPress Jobbin is a paid plugin which will allow you to post jobs and accept applications from jobseekers. You will have the ability to even allow outsiders to post jobs and you have the final say whether the job is posted or not of course.

1.  CATS JobSite

1.  CATS JobSite

This particular plugin will require you to have CATS Applicant Tracking System account. If you have it, then this plugin is quite a handy little gadget for posting jobs to your website. Whatever jobs you have posted on your CATS account will be pulled onto your website saving you a lot of trouble.

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