10 Best Free Online Magazine Cover Maker

Everyone deserves to feature as a star on their very own magazine cover! A Personalized Magazine Cover can be a cool, funny and unique gift to your beloved ones. And there are plenty of Web sites out there which let you upload a picture and choose a magazine cover template and create a Fake Magazine Cover of your own on-the-fly. Some of them are Paid, but most of them are FREE!!

Here are 10 Best Free Online Magazine Cover Maker. You can upload your pictures and enjoy with new styles. Few tools have rich features that enhance the photo effects.

Photo Funia

PhotoFunia is an online photo editing tool that gives you a fun filled experience.



A Beautiful Tool to make your own magazine cover!


FX Magic

Personalize magazine covers online. Simply upload a photograph! Make your girlfriend a cover girl or make your boyfriend the hunk shown on the front of muscle mags.


Enjoy PIC

It is powerful online tool to make funny pictures and animations. It has many features such as effects, PIP Effects, Animations, Faces, Cards and Magazines.



An easy tool to put yourself on a magazine cover. Amazing effects to become star on the cover from a selection of over a 100 magazines. Simply upload a picture and then adjust it by zooming in and out, select background. Once you’ve done it, you’ll get a code to share this magazine cover via your social networks.


Face On The Cover

FakeonThecover works simple way. You can upload a picture, and choose cover template and save it.


Funny Photo

If you ever thought of getting your face on a magazine cover, you can browse the collection of cover generators fulfil this daring dream. This tool has a photo editor which can help you retouch a photo before using it.

Funny Photo

My Picture on Magazine

You can create a fake magazine cover with our free tool in one click. It is very easy and 100% free!  You need simply to select your photo and choose the magazine, and finally click on the “Generate my Cover Now” button.


Photo Mica

Photo Mica is a photo effects online Service – It gives easy photo effects for you Photo!


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